Steve Lankford discusses medicinal mushrooms with Mark Kaylor.

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Maitake is a delicious mushroom that promotes a healthy immune system, healthy blood pressure and healthy blood sugar levels. In Japan, it is known as the “King of Mushrooms.” In this interview, Mark Kaylor will discuss the D Fraction extract from maitake mushroom and the clinical benefits that have been discovered for powerful immune support.

Maitake has been prized not only for its taste but also for its medicinal value. There have been many anecdotal reports on various medicinal properties of Maitake and other mushrooms. Since 1980s, when artificial cultivation was commercialized and Maitake became more readily available, a variety of pharmacological effects of Maitake have been reported by Japanese scientists as shown below:


• Immune boosting activity

• Anti-tumor activity

• Blood glucose lowering activity

• Serum lipids normalizing activity

• Blood pressure lowering activity

• Hepato-protective activity

• Weight reduction activity, (Excerpt from BioResearch Update.)


There are three additional interviews with Mark on that discuss mushrooms in general as well as Maitake SX Fraction for blood sugar support and Lion’s Mane mushroom for Alzheimer’s and dementia.


For more information: Go to BioResearch Update at BioResearch Update documents breakthrough research and insightful information about medicinal mushrooms.  Here you can read about the clinical studies that can reveal some of these impressive benefits.


To review additional studies go to, the government clearing house for clinical studies. There I found 272 references for maitake, 36 references for maitake D Fraction, 31 references for SX Fraction and 22 references for Lion’s Mane.




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Posted September 29, 2014