When Expo West was cancelled in March, the announcement was met with mixed emotions. Relief, anxiety, anger...this event, and the many others that were subsequently cancelled, postponed, or shifted to virtual, have become central to business for many of us. We miss the education and the valuable networking. We miss seeing our industry friends, and making new ones. Those connections mean so much.

That's why WholeFoods Magazine and Trust Transparency Center (TTC) have partnered to bring the expo experience straight to you on June 11-12, no travelling required. Beyond the stellar speakers and educational sessions that will be featured duringTaking Control of the Immunity & Wellness Market (seriously,check out the lineup), the free two-day event will have opportunities for one-on-one meetings, and a virtual happy hour where attendees can network on June 12.

Our special guest at happy hour is Fred Pescatore, M.D., and he has shared some sips and sweets that will up the TGIF-factor. Of course, these signature drinks feature good-for-you ingredients—check out his recipes below.

An added perk: "The benefits of socializing should become apparent to all at this point," says Dr. Pescatore. "Humans thrive on social interactions and they help to boost our immunity, as well as give us some structure, balance, and a sense of well being that you can't get anywhere else. And besides, who wants to drink alone?"

Cheers to that! I hope you'll join Dr. Pescatore and me atTaking Control of the Immunity & Wellness Market so we can raise a glass together.

Courtesy of Fred Pescatore, M.D.
    • 5 oz Green Tea (chilled – I steeped my own then chilled it overnight in the fridge). 
    • 1 oz cranberry juice
    • ¼ tsp freshly grated ginger (I keep ginger root frozen in my fridge to always have on hand and to make easier to grate).
    • 1-2 mint leaves, muddled 
    • And 3 drops of CBD oil
    • 1 shot of Vodka or Gin (optional)
Shake in mixer with ice until chilled then pour into glass. Could use cocktail cubes (don’t want to serve over ice because waters down the flavors too much when it melts). Garnish with orange or lemon slice.

Perks:Green tea is loaded with antioxidants; EGCG is the main one, and also the theanine in green tea is good for stress and anxiety. * Cranberry juice helps to keep the urinary tract in good health. * Ginger is an herb used for those who may be eating incorrectly, so it helps the stomach, and the gingerols are naturally anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. * Mint is packed with a varied range of antioxidants that help prevent free radical activity that ruins your immune system; it also offers anti-inflammatory properties that help ease discomfort and pain that is often tied with cold and flu. * CBD oil is anti-inflammatory.

Immunitini Dessert
Courtesy of Fred Pescatore, M.D.
    • 1 cup of ice
    • 6 oz of water 
    • 1 scoop WheyLogic chocolate (or equivalent chocolate whey protein)
    • 1 scoop CocoaLogic (or equivalent powdered cocoa extract)
    • 1 shot of espresso (chilled)
    • 1 tablespoon Macadamia Nut Oil
    • 1 ounce or Gin or Vodka (optional)
Shake in mixer with ice until chilled then pour into glass. Garnish with espresso/coffee beans.

Perks:Whey protein is great source of extra protein in a drink; not many people get enough protein especially as people are staying in, as well as becoming more plant based * Coffee is one of the highest antioxidants on the planet * Macadamia nut oil is great to keep the heart healthy and filled with all the oils, like an avocado.

In addition to Taking Control of the Immunity & Wellness Markethere is information on a few of the other virtual opportunities you may enjoy: