Are you a resolution-maker? I prefer to call my set of intentions for 2018 a list and at the very top is a reminder to Have Fun with bullet points specifying exactly how I will do that. It’s written by hand because I know the message is reinforced in a different part of the brain when something gets written down.

As a believer that work is fun, I’ve been blessed in my life to get the opportunity to work on a lot of very fun things with some very cool people.

I never had the privilege of meeting the humble industry giants Terry Dalton or Jim Duke, but get the distinct impression both men loved their work and had a lot of fun doing it. Their legacy will live on through the works they left behind and the many people they influenced along the way. I regret not making the time to tour Duke’s garden with members of the American Herbal Products Association during ExpoEast.

I look forward to meeting more of you in the coming year and seeing with my own eyes where and how and why you do what you do.

Observant readers may notice a change in our masthead that signals a recognition of the growing opportunity to serve. We’re now Informing and Educating the Natural Products Industry. Look for more changes in the coming months — both in print and digitally.

It’s Time for PredictionsWe devoted a lot of space in this 2018 Forecast issue to looking at the challenges along with the opportunities that exist for the “grown up” natural products industry. It’s just a start.

I hope you’ll add your thoughts to the mix in the stories that resonate with you on our website or through social media.

You can also email them directly

Here are a few of my personal predictions for 2018: • Hain Celestial will find a buyer, but not as one company. The fresh foods unit will go separately. • Sprouts Farmers Market will also be sold — within the first quarter. • Consumer backlash against the ubiquitous smiling boxes will start to mount, forcing to rethink its packaging for a more eco-conscious world. • Craving for community and the concept of co-housing will continue to grow. • The need for education will be greater than ever. • Farmers will emerge as the new rock stars of the food scene. • Healthcare providers will accelerate their focus on wellness and prevention. • Spiritual tourism and its wellness cuisine will take on new cachet. • WholeFoods Magazine will continue to inform and educate.

My colleague Sebastian Krawiec predicts: • Delivery systems will continue to evolve to the powder and liquid forms that can be added to foods instead of taking pills. • Functional foods will continue to become more prominent.

Here’s to 2018! Life is short. Remember to have fun out there!

Photo by Gi Pamperien

Editor-in-Chief Laurie Petersen