Retailers discuss their private label lines.



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Nature's Weigh, Somerset, NJ

anthony alberoAnthony Albero owner of retail store Nature’s Weigh in Somerset, NJ, tells WholeFoods a little about his store.

Q: How has your private label line fared in this economy?
A: My private label is my best seller. I like it because people identify the product with the store's logo and they know they can only get Nature's Weigh vitamins and supplements at my store.

Q: How do you handle pricing?
A: I discount my private label vitamins (along with all the other companies) and mine is almost always cheaper.

Uptown Nutrition, Port Townsend, WA

suzy carrolSuzy Carroll, president of Uptown Nutrition, Port Townsend, WA, shared with WholeFoods some info about her store’s private label line.

Q: Why did you choose to begin a private label line?
A: Our customers trust us. A private label with our name would be a trusted brand. Also, as we are very particular about the products we offer, having direct access to manufacturing data is very important to us.

Q: What did your private label line start with (supplements, foods, health and beauty) and why?
A: We began slowly with supplements, multi's. In the beginning we had all of our brand products grouped together. Our store is organized by categories. Sales were slow, so we decided to experiment and integrated our store brand within the categories. We experienced an immediate increase in sales. Customers were choosing our brand, over other brands. We then branched out into more condition specific supplements.

Q: What do you think about your private label manufacturer?
A: I researched private label companies for several years before making our final decision. Quality of products, transparency of information, testing of raw materials and the longevity of the company were all a factors in our decision. However, the biggest factor was the excellent service from our rep. She was patient with us, helped us with decisions on which products to introduce and is extremely supportive. We have been nothing but pleased!

Q: How have your private label sales fared in this tough economy?
A: Our private label sales about doubled this past year!

Q: What steps have you taken to help customers trust in your private label products?

A: Introduction to our brand line via our e-newsletter. In-store promotion and verbal promotion. We often hear customers say "Oh, you've got your own brand, I'm so glad you did this.” It's the trust factor. They trust us, they trust our brand!

Green Acres Health Pood Store, Piscataway, NJ

Theo Kitschker, store manager at Green Acres Health Food Store, Piscataway, NJ, gives WholeFoods some insight into the workings of his private label line.

Q: How does maintaining relationships with your customers help with private label sales?
A: I have confidence in the products because I take them myself. It’s not a challenge to sell because my customers know and trust me.

Green Acres also utilizes shelf talkers to showcase the latest research about hot supplements to instill customers with more confidence (shown at intro).

Q: What are some of your private label best sellers?
A: Best sellers include CoQ10, vitamin E, zinc, B complex and a variety of other basic supplements.