What’s Selling is a monthly review of the best-selling products determined from unit sales at six natural products stores around the country, rotated from a base of selected stores. The intention is to provide indications of sales trends.

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Healthy Habits, Sedalia, MO

SUPPLEMENTS: Garden of Life, RAW Probiotics;
Cogent Solutions, Baxyl Hyaluronan;
New Chapter, Bone Strength Take Care

FOOD: Garden of Life, RAW Fit Powder;
Alternative Baking Co., Cookies;
NuNaturals, Stevia Products

HBC: Indigo Wild, Zum Soaps;
Century Systems, Seven Wonders Miracle Lotion;
W.S. Badger Company, Headache Soother Balm

Zevia, Calorie-Free Sodas;
New Orleans Coffee Co, CoolBrew Inst. Coffee Concen.

UP & COMING: Nelsons USA, pur-Absorb Iron;
Garden of Life, RAW Probiotics Vaginal Care;
EuroPharma USA, Terry Naturally Tri-Iodine


Black Forest Acres, Hamilton Sq., NJ (10,000 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: Country Life, Core Daily-1;
NutraFusion Nutritionals, Phood from PlantFusion;
Nature’s Way, Alive! Adult Multivitamin Gummies

FOOD: Preferred Brands, Tasty Bite Meals;
Bragg Live Foods, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar;
Van’s Natural Foods, Gluten-Free Crackers

HBC: Aubrey Organics, Full line;
derma e, Full line;
Dr. Bronner’s, Soaps

BEVERAGES: Smart Juice, Organic Juices;
Lakewood Juice Co., Chocolate Coconut Juice;
Santa Cruz Organic, Pure Lemon Juice

UP & COMING: Quest Nutrition, QuestBar;
Amazing Grass, Green SuperFood;
Navitas Naturals, Mulberries


Health Shoppe Vitamins, Jacksonville, FL (1,800 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: Health Direct, AminoSculpt;
Jarrow Formulas, Ubiquinol QH-Absorb;
NOW Foods, L-Carnitine

FOOD: Thomas Honey Co., Gallberry Honey;
Garden of Life, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil;
Sami’s Bakery, Millet & Flax Bread

HBC: Dr. Woods, Raw Black Shea Butter Soap;
Zenith Youth Systems, Cell. Regen. Complex;
MiracleSoap.com, Miracle II Soap

BEVERAGES: Millennium Products, GT’s Kombucha;
ThéBÜ, Lavender Kombucha;
full core, Appetite Control Drink

UP & COMING: Garden of Life, RAW Probiotics;
Health Direct, Nature’s Optimal Nutrition;
Bragg Live Foods, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar


Bonanza Health Foods, Billings, MT

SUPPLEMENTS: Nature’s Way, Umcka Cold & Flu;
Nature’s Way, Sambucus;
Nature’s Way, Alive Gummy Vitamins

FOOD: Simply Shari’s, Gluten-Free Shortbreads;
Dreamfields Foods, Pasta;
Canyon Bakehouse, Gluten-Free Bread (Full line)

HBC: OraMedix, SoFresh Flossing Toothbrush (Soft);
NutraMarks, Inc., Life-Flo Fractionated Coconut Oil;
Deodorant Stones, Thai Deodorant Crystals

BEVERAGES: LaCroix, Sparkling Coconut Water;
Metromint, Full line;
Reed’s Inc., Virgil’s Bavarian Nutmeg

UP & COMING: JJ’s Sweets, Cocomels Caramels;
NutraMarks, Inc., Life-Flo Pure Magnesium Flakes;
Bach, Rescue Remedy Pets Full line


Betsy’s Health Foods, Houston, TX (999 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: NutraMarks, Herbs for Kids Valerian Super Calm;
Viva Herbals & Essentials, Chi Tea Ultimate Green Tea;
Wakunaga of America, Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract Liquid

FOOD: Carrington Farms, Organic Flax Paks;
Nutraceutical Corp., FunFresh Foods, Goji Berries;
thinkThin, Chocolate Fudge Protein Bars

HBC: Desert Essence, Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste, Mint;
Avalon Organics, Aloe Unscented Lotion;
Aubrey Organics, Honeysuckle CoQ10 Replenishing Moist. Lotion

BEVERAGES: Evamor Products, Water;
Millennium Products, Synergy Trilogy Kombucha;
Raw Foods, RAAW Raspberry Lemongrass Juice

UP & COMING: New Chapter, Rhodiola Force;
Bluebonnet Nutrition, Elderberry;
NutraMarks, NaturalCare SlimCare


Mariposa Market, Willits, CA

SUPPLEMENTS: FES, Five-Flower Formula;
HealthForce Nutritionals, Vitamineral Green;
Boiron USA, Arnica 30C

FOOD: Dried Mango, Bulk;
Creative Natural Prods., Chocolove, Alm. & Sea Salt, Dark Choc.;
Eden Foods, Canned beans 15 oz (All varieties)

HBC: Alaffia, Authentic African Black Soap;
Alaffia, Babies & Up Body Wash;
Copper moon Apothecary, SW/Van. Healing Lotion

BEVERAGES: Harmless Harvest, Raw Coconut Water;
Millennium Products, Inc., Synergy Kombuchas;
Taste Nirvana, Real Coconut Water

UP & COMING: MegaFood, Full line;
Fungi Perfecti, LLC, Host Defense (Full line);
revive drinks, Kombucha

















Published in WholeFoods Magazine, December 2013