What’s Selling is a monthly review of the best-selling products determined from unit sales at six natural products stores around the country, rotated from a base of selected stores. The intention is to provide indications of sales trends.

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Nature’s Corner, Inc., Burlington, IA (900 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: Green Coffee Bean Extract, All brands;
Omega-3s, All brands;
Garcinia Cambogia, All brands

FOOD: Nuts (Bulk);
Bulk Food, All brands;
Gluten-Free Foods, All brands

HBC: Shampoos, All brands;
Deodorants, All brands
Toothpaste, All brands

BEVERAGES: Zevia, Full line;
Blue Sky Beverage Co., Full line;
Water, All brands

UP & COMING: Simply Soothing, Bug Soother;
Ear Candles, All brands;
Gifts, All brands


Harvestin’ Natural, Westminster, MD (1,000 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: EuroPharma USA, Terry Naturally Curamin;
EuroPharma USA, Terry Naturally Thyroid Care and Tri-Iodine;

FOOD: NOW Foods, Coconut Oil;
Sweet Leaf, Stevia Vanilla Crème Drops

HBC: NOW Foods, Hyaluronic Acid;
Eagle Enterprise, Oxy-Tech 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide;
Alvera, Deodorants

BEVERAGES: Bragg Live Foods, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar;
REED’S, Inc., Culture Club Kombucha Lemon Ginger Raspberry;
NOW Foods, Tea Bags

UP & COMING: EuroPharma USA, Terry Naturally SagaPro;
EuroPharma USA, Terry Naturally Healthy Hands & Feet;
Alternative Baking Co., Cookies


VitaZen, Hardy, VA (1,400 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: Rainbow Light, Women’s & Men’s One;
Bio Nutrition, Inc., Cholesterol Wellness;
Solgar, Ubiquinol

FOOD: NOW Foods, Raw Nuts (All);
Marchwood Farms, Hardy Honey (Local);
Bell Research Companies, Bell Plantation PB2

HBC: Andalou Naturals, Skin Care (Full line);
Conceived By Nature, Hair Care (Full line);
Aura Cacia, Essential Oils

BEVERAGES: VitalSurge, LLC, Zelo Water (All flavors);
ISS, OhYeah! Chocolate Milkshakes;
ANSI, Protein Ice

UP & COMING: Barlean’s, Ideal Omega-3;
Bio Nutrition, Testosterone Wellness;
Solgar, No. 7


Wealth of Health, Idaho Falls, ID (6,000 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: Nature’s Way, Alive (Full line);
Europharma USA, Terry Naturally Curamin;
Source Naturals, Melatonin

FOOD: Udi’s, Gluten-Free Breads;
Kind, LLC, Kind Bars;
Julian Bakery, Paleo Bread (Full line)

HBC: derma e, Full line;
Mineral Fusion, Full line;
NutraMarks, Inc., Larenim Mineral (Full line)

BEVERAGES: Zevia, Soda (Full line);
LaCroix, Sparkling Water Full line;
REED’S, Inc., Ginger Brew

UP & COMING: Nature’s Way, Raw Coconut;
EuroPharma USA, Terry Naturally SagaPro;
Nature’s Life, Vitamin D


Harvest Moon Health Foods, S. Ogden, UT (1,470 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: Bluebonnet Nutrition, Chelated Magnesium;
Nordic Naturals, Ultimate Omega Xtra liquid;
Jarrow Formulas, B-Right

FOOD: Flax4Life, Muffins;
Organic Food Bar, Protein;
Orca Bay Foods, Sockeye Salmon

HBC: CoTZ, Pure SPF 30;
MyChelle Dermaceuticals, Serious Hyaluronic Serum;
Beyond Coastal, Natural Sunscreen SPF 30

BEVERAGES: Voss of Norway, Water;
Essentia Water, Water;
Taste Nirvana, Real Coconut Water

UP & COMING: Garden of Life, RAW Fit;
Canyon Bakehouse, Colorado Caraway Bread;
Solgar, Folate 1000 mcg


Bailey’s Health Food Center, North Bend, OR (2,000 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: Bluebonnet Nutrition, Ubiquinol 100 mg;
Solaray, Full line;
Irwin Naturals, Full line

FOOD: Udi’s, Full line;
Rudi’s Organic Bakery, Full line;
Late July Organic Snacks, Full line

HBC: derma e, Full line;
Organix South, TheraNeem (Full line);
MyChelle Dermaceuticals, Full line

BEVERAGES: C2O Pure Coconut Water, C2O;
Reed’s, Inc., Ginger Brew;
Taste Nirvana, Real Coconut Water

UP & COMING: Go Raw, Full line;
Field Day, Full line;
Sahale Snacks, Full line

















Published in WholeFoods Magazine, October 2013