What’s Selling is a monthly review of the best-selling products determined from unit sales at six natural products stores around the country, rotated from a base of selected stores. The intention is to provide indications of sales trends.

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Simple Abundance, Red Wing, MN (1,300 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: Source Naturals, Hi-Stress B&C;
Trace Minerals Research, Raspberry Ketone;
ReNew Life, Ultimate Flora RTS Daily Probiotic

FOOD: Sami’s Bakery, Millet & Flax Chips;
Bragg Live Foods, Apple Cider Vinegar;
Barlean’s, Coconut Oil

HBC: Pharm-Aloe, Aloe Vera Leaf Gelly;
Desert Essence, Natural Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste;
Veriditas Botanicals, llc, Essential Oil of Lavender

BEVERAGES: Maine Root, Ginger Brew;
Millennium Products, GT’s Synergy;
Zevia, Ginger Root Beer

UP & COMING: Barlean’s, Greens;
Go Raw, Spirulina Energy Bar;
Boulder Canyon, Hummus Chips


Debra’s Natural Gourmet, Concord, MA (3,000 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: Planetary Herbals, Inflama-Care;
Source Naturals, Coenzyme Q10 with Bioperine;
Carlson Labs, Super Omega-3

FOOD: Eden Foods, Garbanzo Beans 15 oz.;
Organic Quinoa (Bulk);
Organic Coconut Sugar (Bulk)

HBC: BurnOut, Sunscreens;
DeVita International Inc., Solar Moisturizers;
Grants of Australia, Aloe Toothpaste

BEVERAGES: Millennium Products, GT’s Trilogy;
Taste Nirvana, Real Coconut Water w/Pulp;
The Verto Company, Motto Matcha Tea

UP & COMING: Viand, Vegan Summer Sausage;
Peace Lovin’ Foods, Qrunch Burgers;
EPIC, Bison Bars


Ruth’s Nutrition, Huntsville, AL (1,200 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: Nature’s Plus, T Male;
EuroPharma USA, Terry Naturally Curcumin;
Nature’s Plus, Source of Life Gold (Full line)

FOOD: Liz Lovely, Inc., Gluten-Free Cookies;
Nutraceutical Corp., FunFresh Foods, Raw Cacao Powder;
Coconut Secret, Coconut Aminos

HBC: derma e, Age-Defying Hand Crème;
Avalon Organics, Biotin B-Complex Therapy Thickening Shampoo;
Aubrey Organics, Natural Sun SPF 45

BEVERAGES: Millennium Products, GT’s Kombucha Gingerberry;
Reed’s Inc., Ginger Brew;
Zevia, Soda (All flavors)

UP & COMING: Natural Factors, Whey Factors;
Nutraceutical Corp., KAL Joint Guard;
Bluebonnet Nutrition, CholesteRice


Bonanza Health Foods, Billings, MT (2,200 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: Source Naturals, Co-Q Quick;
Irwin Naturals, Full line;
EuroPharma USA, Terry Naturally Curamin

FOOD: GFA Brands, Earth Balance, P.B. Popps;
Glutino Food Gr., Gluten Free Toaster Pastries;
LesserEvil, Chia Crisps

HBC: Nature’s Rite, Bruise, Strain, and Tear Repair;
NutraMarks, Life-flo Pure Magnesium Flakes;
Heel USA, Zeel Tablets

BEVERAGES: Reed’s Inc., Virgil’s Root Beer;
Crio Bru, Brewed Cocoa;
Coconut Water (All brands)

UP & COMING: Garden of Life, RAW Protein;
Epic, Bison Turkey and Beef Bars;
XO Baking Co., Baking Mixes


Village Nutrition, Inc., Hot Springs Village, AR (1,500 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: Jarrow Formulas, Bone-Up Three Per Day;
Bio Nutrition, Inc., Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract;
Barlean’s, Total Omega Swirl 3-6-9, Orange Cream

FOOD: Udi’s, Pepperoni Pizza;
Udi’s, Three Cheese Pizza

HBC: Dr. Bronner’s, Citrus Castile Soap;
JASÖN, Revitalizing Citrus Body Wash;
Grandpa Brands, Pine Tar Soap

BEVERAGES: Neo North America, Neo Water;
Tree of Life, Black Cherry Concentrate;
Ginseng UP, Cola;
Zevia, Ginger Ale

UP & COMING: Krill Oil (All brands);
Natural Nectar, Nectar Nugget Peanut Butter Cup;
High-Potency Probiotics (All brands)


Stay Healthy!, Las Vegas, NV (1,400 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: Vita Logic, Eye Formula;
Barlean’s, Ultra High Potency Omega Swirl, Key Lime;
Garden of Life, RAW Probiotics Colon Care

FOOD: Quest Nutrition, QuestBars;
Bragg Live Foods, Apple Cider Vinegar;
ReNew Life, Ultimate CHIAlife

HBC: Mobu Herbals, Body Butters;
Skin by Ann Webb, Apple Stem Cell Serum;
NOW Foods, Essential Oils

BEVERAGES: Cadia, Coconut Water;
Maverick Brands, CocoLibre Protein;
Reed’s Inc., Kombucha

UP & COMING: Barlean’s, Ideal Omega 3;
New Chapter, Digestion Take Care;
Hyalogic, HA Lozenge

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, August 2013