Company DescriptionAmerica’s Finest, Inc. offers two complementary lines of dietary supplements: AFI bioactive ingredient dietary supplements and Sanutra Wellness healthy condition dietary supplements. These innovative lines of dietary supplements combine rich traditional wisdom with that of the latest scientific research and manufacturing methodology.

Modern healthcare has been inspired by combining technological advancement with ancient herbal traditions and scientific research in health and nutrition to ensure health maintenance. Ayurveda (“The Science of Life”) is the ancient medical system of India, and the oldest formal healthcare system in the world. Ayurveda has influenced ancient medical practices in Tibet, China and even those found in Europe. Sidha, yet another ancient medical practice, has been influenced by Ayurveda. This system is based on the use of practical knowledge to manage health in such a way that it prolongs and improves the quality of life.America's Finest, Inc.

On the one hand, modern healthcare has shown dramatic results through its emphasis on science and research. On the other hand, Ayurveda has proven that, through herbal and nutritional supplements, human beings can maintain and/or restore balance for optimum wellness.

Science and tradition should not be adversarial, but mutually supportive, ensuring the consistency and efficacy of time-tested solutions for optimum health. At America’s Finest, Inc. we provide the best of both worlds with safe, innovative and beneficial approaches to personal healthcare. A team of scientists and researchers are involved in the formulation of the two lines of dietary supplements, which combine science and tradition—science for proven results and tradition for optimizing health and quality of life.

America’s Finest, Inc. products are a new class of dietary supplements designed for a modern approach to the traditional quest for optimum health.

Key Market Areas• Antioxidant • Absorption improvement/bioavailability enhancer • Healthy mood and mental alertness • Increasing sexual desire, muscle mass and energy level • Weight management • Joint health • Heart and cholesterol health • Healthy aging • Blood sugar health • Memory health • Colon health • Bone health • Immune health • Relax and sleep • Skin, hair and nails health

Major ProductsCurcumin C3 Complex®is a powerful antioxidant supplement that also supports healthy joints function even after overexertion from intensive physical activity. BioPerine® is a patented natural extract from black pepper fruit; it improves the absorption and bioavailability of the curcuminoids in the body.

L-DOPA 400 (HGH)generates dopamine, supporting healthy mood and mental alertness as well as stimulating the secretion of human growth hormone (HGH), which promotes a sense of well being.

ForsLean® Extremecontains the natural plant extract, Forskohlin, known to promote lean body mass, an important health index for your body.

What’s New? Weight management:Citrin® K,ForsLean®andGarCitrin®were clinically studied to support lean body mass, healthy body composition and weight reduction.BioPerine®improves the absorption of the nutrients. This product should be considered a supplement to, not a substitute for, sensible diet and exercise. • Joint health:Boswellin®, Curcumin C3 Complex® andGinger extractare powerful antioxidant ingredients that support joint function and also temporarily relieve joint inflammation and pain that may occur after overexertion during  intensive physical activity. BioPerine® improves nutrient absorption. •Cardio & cholesterol:Policosanol,Terminalia arjuna,Gugulipid®andNiacinsupport heart function and help maintain cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range.BioPerine®improves nutrient absorption. •Bio-protectant/healthy aging:Curcumin C3 Complex®,C3 Reduct ODN,Saberry®andSilbinol®are considered to be “bioprotectant” due to the dual activity of free radicals.Curcumin C3also temporarily relieves joint inflammation and pain that may occur after overexertion during intensive physical activity.BioPerine®improves  nutrient absorption. •Blood sugar health: Pterocarpus Extract WS,Cinnamon,Salaretin,Gymnema Sylvestre,Momordicin,Fabenol MaxandFenumannanhelp to maintain blood sugar levels already within the normal range.BioPerine®improves nutrient absorption. •Memory health:Curcumin C3 Complex®,BacopinandL-DOPApromote good mood and improve occasional mild memory problems associated with aging. BioPerine® improves nutrient absorption. •Colon health:Probiotic LactoSporeandPrebiotic Fenumannanpromote a healthy balance of intestinal flora and enhance immunity. This product relieves occasional diarrhea and/or occasional constipation. •Bone health:Calcium,Phosphorous,Magnesium,Vitamin D3,Vitamin K,Collagen PeptideandActiCissussupport and promote healthy bones. BioPerine® improves nutrient absorption. •Immune health:Resvenox,Curcumin C3 Complex®,Saberry®,SelenomethionineandBeta 1,3 Glucanhelp support and promote a healthy immune system.BioPerine®improves nutrient absorption. • Relax & sleep:Chamomilehelps reduce occasional mild anxiety and upset stomach, andMelatoninhelps reduce occasional sleeplessness.BioPerine®improves nutrient absorption. •Skin, hair & nails health:Boswellin®,Tetrahydrocurcumin,Collagen PeptideandLactoSporehelp maintain healthy skin, hair & nails.BioPerine®improves nutrient absorption.

America’s Finest, Inc.America's Finest, Inc.20 Lake Dr. East Windsor, NJ 08520 Tel.: (732)985-9899, (800)350-3305 Fax: (732)985-9851

Key PersonnelBarbara Cotton, Manager

Published in WholeFoods Magazine July 2016