Nu Century Herbs

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Resprin, an herbal supplement from Nu Century Herb, is clinically proven to support upper respiratory health and to allow clearer, easier breathing, says the company. This is the natural solution for your asthma or allergy cus tomers’ healthcare concerns. Like all Nu Century Herb products, Resprin is designed to help people live healthier, happier lives by supporting their proactive health interests with synergistically formulated herbal blends, and to help them “Breathe More Life into Everyday.”

Airaide brand herbal formula is clinically shown to enhance breathing while also sustaining energy levels at the same time, according to Nu Century Herbs. It helps produce natural aerobic energy without stimulants or any other harmful additives, and its use by athletes complies with the World Anti -Doping Alliance’s guidelines. Airaide combines an all-natural, synergistic blend of 23 different herbs that work on three different breathing-related areas. “One group has a vaporizing action on the lungs; another flushes out the harmful phlegm, mucous, dust and toxins; a third soothes bronchial irritations,” Tom Long, Airaide’s vice president of sales explains. Nu Century says its broad sales appeal will help revitalize your bottom line by supporting those with active interests.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, December 2010