In this episode of The Natural View, Todd Pauli of 24 Stories Marketing and Maggie Jaqua of WholeFoods Magazine sit down with Kyle Turk, Director of Government Affairs at the Natural Products Association (NPA). Turk offers an update on one of the most pressing issues facing the industry right now: efforts to put age restrictions on certain nutritional supplements in the sports nutrition and weight loss categories. In New York, NPA filed litigation asserting that the state's dietary supplement prohibition is unconstitutionalDiscussing the lawsuit, Turk stressed, "This is a critical lawsuit for us because if we don't win this we're gonna see places like California, New Jersey, Maryland, and some of these other more progressive states follow suit."

Get the full story on the push to age-restrict certain supplements, plus:

  • The negative implications for the industry and consumers.
  • The importance of advocacy, and what role it is playing in this current fight.
  • Specific calls to action for industry.

Plus, learn about NPA's Annual Fly-in Day, taking place in Washington, D.C.

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