Balchem is Collaborating with Virginia Tech

Specialty ingredients manufacturer Balchem is collaborating with Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University on the Virginia Tech Mineral Metabolism Research Center. The center will focus on studying the impact of mineral nutrition and will review the most up-to-date information regarding the relationship between various minerals and human health. Both collaborators hope to identify open research questions in the field that will help guide and inform researchers and clinicians. “We are proud to support Virginia Tech on this project because we truly believe it will help the scientific community reach a deeper understanding of minerals in human health," said Dr. Eric Ciappio, Ph.D., RD, Strategic Development Manager, Nutrition Science at Balchem. "We see this collaboration as a testament to our commitment to supporting independent research, which we will also leverage to continue to develop effective, innovative ingredients that can benefit consumers globally. Our Albion Minerals brand has been at the forefront of mineral research for over six decades, pioneering ingredient formats, such as magnesium bisglycinate chelate and chelated iron, while always using science as the foundation to product innovation and development.”

Clasado Discusses Immune Health Market Growth

Clasado Biosciences is predicting a continued upward trajectory for the immune health product market. Following its strongest growth period during the COVID-19 pandemic, the evolving market saw an 11.4% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2018 and 2022 and is expected to grow 10.4% between 2023 and 2033 according to research firm Future Market Insights. Clasado predicts continued consumer interest in prebiotics and gut health science will continue to play key roles in the industry's growth.

Danone Awards Student Grants

Danone North America will award two graduate students $25,000 each under its Gut Microbiome, Yogurt and Probiotics fellowship grant. Applicants will need to submit a proposal for a study that explores measures of human health and wellness, excel in science, and should and be able to demonstrate an interest in studying the gut microbiome, probiotics and yogurt in human health and wellness. Past winners have conducted research on various topics including probiotic yogurt consumption during lactation. Applications are being accepted until March 1, 2024 and winners will be notified on April 8.

Nexira Leading Journey Toward Acacia Sustainability

Nexira is continuing its efforts towards generating more sustainable harvests of acacia. The company says its commitment and unique approach has led to the development of its inavea brand, a carbon-neutral brand of organic and sustainable ingredients, a 9% reduction in its global carbon footprint per ton of finished product from 2019 to 2022, and a continued effort towards a more qualitive and quantitative production. 

HOWTIAN Completes Life Cycle Assessment

HOWTIAN's stevia product lines have undergone and completed a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment. The study, which examined key measures of the products environmental impact including water and carbon footprint, found that the company's high purity Rebaudioside A 97 stevia outperformed traditional sugar and set new industry standards in sustainability metrics.

Baker Dillon Offers Media Training

Baker Dillon will begin offering media training services to doctors across the country. In order to help with the increasing demand for healthcare professionals in media, the firm's team will work with doctors to help position themselves as a credible, authoritative voices within the health and wellness community. “Health professionals are in high demand in the media to deliver sharp, informed, and thoughtful messaging to audiences hungry for trusted insights,” said Sheldon Baker, Baker Dillon Group CEO and team leader. “Providing in-person training nationwide, our goal is to ensure health professionals make an impact, whether interfacing with the media, participating on podcasts, in a print interview, or speaking at industry or public events.” 

Demand Increasing for Cranberry Supplements

A comprehensive review in Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews and a recent Food and Drug Administration (FDA) labeling change have led to a surge in demand for whole-fruit cranberry supplements. The FDA Qualified Health Claim can now be used on labels and marketing materials for supplements containing a daily serving of 500 mg of whole-fruit cranberry. Because of the changes, companies like Fruit d'Or, a farm-to-finish supplier of certified organic cranberries, have seen a spike in query requests for information on how to formulate with whole fruit cranberry powder. “Fruit d’Or, a farm-to-finish company, is one of the primary beneficiaries of this great news. More companies are calling who are looking to formulate with whole fruit cranberry powder because no one else has our level of expertise,” acknowledged Stephen Lukawski, Lead Consultant, Sales and Business Development for Fruit d’Or. “With this ruling, the FDA is raising the bar by recognizing whole fruit powder for both its soluble and insoluble proanthocyanins (PACs). We’ve done all the heavy lifting in this area, and companies are eager to learn how these soluble and insoluble PACs work together.” He added: “The FDA’s qualified health claim is confirmation that not all cranberry products are the same. It’s not the components of the fruit. It’s not just the juice; it’s the whole fruit. And products must have a 500 mg daily dose of actual cranberry to make this claim. A sprinkle of cranberry does not constitute efficacy. All companies will need to revise their formulations and decide if they want to use this claim. We have always believed in the whole spectrum of the cranberry. This is what drove Fruit d’Or to set the industry standards for proper cultivation and handling processes, and to pioneer proper fingerprinting to ensure that formulas contain actual cranberry.”

Vitamin K2 Fuels Cardiovascular Health

February marks American Heart Month, the time of year when we put a spotlight on the cardiovascular system and the lifestyle choices that can affect it. In addition to healthy eating habits and regular exercise, supplements are gaining traction for their impact on making heart-healthy goals more attainable. Recent clinical studies shared by Gnosis by Lesaffre have shown that Vitamin K2 as MK-7 can improve both heart and bone health, specifically in women. Folate, a well-known essential nutrient for fertility and pregnancy, has also received acclaim for its role in supporting cardiovascular health.

WATTS'UP Receives Approved Health Claim

Health Canada has awarded WATTS'UP a new product license and the ability to use the health claim: "Helps to improve average power output during high intensity exercise in moderately trained individuals." This comes as a result of the customized flavonoid extract being tested in two double-blind placebo-controlled studies with participants showing significant improvements in both exercise performance as well as peak force. 

Renaissance BioScience Awarded New Grant

Renaissance BioScience Corp. received a grant from the Canadian Food Innovation Network and Canadian Technology Accelerator program to develop a yeast-based solution to minimizing off-flavors and aromas that can be found in plant-based protein products. The award, $232,000 CAD, will be used to develop a clean-label, non-GMO solution for off-flavoring and undesired aroma issues, typically associated with plant-based protein products, and are leading causes for lack of product diversification and overall consumer acceptance. Renaissance will collaborate with other industry partners to confirm the solutions effectiveness and efficiency in commercial settings.

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