Yumwoof Donates $30K of Dog Food to Maui

Yumwoof Natural Pet Food Inc. has partnered with Shep Gordon, ROAM Maui, and Maui Humane Society to donate nutrient-dense dog food for the thousands of displaced dogs on Maui. The group is delivering 500 bags of its air-dried dog food to dogs critically in need of supplies. With an estimated 3,000 dogs displaced from families, Yumwoof is focused on ensuring dogs do not go hungry as a result of the wildfire climate disaster. The collaboration with ROAM Maui has significantly facilitated Yumwoof’s efforts to deliver food to the Maui Humane Society. The boutique brand is seeking corporate partners who can support the company in providing even more air-dried dog food to the island. Yumwoof encourages anyone interested in supporting the efforts to reach out via email for more information. As a result of this disaster relief endeavor, Yumwoof has announced it will be taking steps to form the YUMWOOF CARES Charity Foundation to make disaster relief an ongoing part of its core mission, to counterbalance the effects of climate change, and to help families with dogs in need of assistance.

GC Rieber VivoMega receives SMETA certification 

GC Rieber VivoMega received the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) certification. The company says the certification is a testament to its dedication to responsible sourcing, ethical business practices, and a more sustainable future for the omega-3 industry. This certification recognizes the company’s adherence to Sedex’s rigorous global standards in promoting transparency and sustainability across the supply chain. GC Rieber VivoMega’s attainment of SMETA sets a new industry benchmark for sustainability, responsible sourcing, and ethical business practices within the Omega-3 sector. It provides assurance that it operates with high ethical standards and follows responsible sourcing practices for its vegan and marine-derived omega-3 concentrates. 

Vantage Nutrition Acquires ComboCap 

Vantage Nutrition announced full shareholding ownership of ComboCap Inc. (USA) and BioCap (South Africa). ComboCap is known for the invention and commercialization of its Sidebyside technology, the world’s first three-piece capsule health product that contains an internal divider, enabling wet and dry ingredients to be brought to market side by side, separated but together. Backed by 80 international patent awards, ComboCap has been supplying nutritional brand customers with unique finished product solutions out of its cGMP plant in New Jersey. This acquisition marks a significant milestone for Vantage Nutrition and ACG, as it further expands its technology and customer solutions footprint in North America and around the world. 

In related news, Vantage Nutrition announced that it has acquired Philadelphia-based Aquacaps, an asset of Nestlé Health Science. Aquacaps is a leading contract manufacturer of liquid-filled capsules within the nutritional supplement industry in the U.S. Its novel liquid delivery technology allows for the liquid filling of hard gelatin and vegetarian capsules. Vantage Nutrition, an ACG group company, already has a reputation as an innovator of two-piece liquid fill capsule solutions. The company’s mission is to be the most efficient partner in delivering innovative and high-quality nutraceutical products to customers globally. 

Elina Organics Celebrates 25th Anniversary 

Elina Organics & Holistic Clinical Spas is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Founded by Cosmetic Chemist & Celebrity Esthetician Elina Fedotova, the company has 200 spa partners carrying the award-winning Elina Organics products in 35 states. Fedotova started formulating her first organic products for Elina Organics in 1997, including a Botanical Cleanser, Botanical Toner, Intensive Eye Revitalizing Cream, Oil Control Formula, Anti-Wrinkle Liposome Moisturizer, and Vitamin C Elixir,. In 1998, she officially launched the Elina Herbal Skincare Clinic, where she performed herbal facials and made 100% botanical products preserved with fermented vegetables and willow bark extract. She still operates her first spa in Kalamazoo, Michigan, under Elina Organics Holistic Clinical Spa. 

IFF Expands Innovation Footprint in North America Creative Center

IFF announced the completion of its new North American Creation and Design center in New Century. The IFF Creative Center brings together the company’s flavor and ingredient expertise with its food design capabilities to better support the growth of the region’s food industry. The infrastructure upgrade includes the addition of two new flavor creation labs, the expansion of existing food application design labs for dairy, bars, culinary and bakery, and a new lab solely for pet food development. The New Century facility is now the company’s second largest creative center in North America and houses ten labs, and six state-of-the-art pilot plants, which serve two purposes: providing better customer support and enhancing innovative product development. The two new flavor creation labs, for sweet and savory flavors, respectively, mark the first time flavorists will be based at the New Century facility. Another highlight is the addition of a dedicated lab to serve the North American pet food and pet treat segment.

Bioenergy Life Science Partners with Ideal Infusion 

Bioenergy Life Science (BLS) shared the news that its RiaGev-SR (sustained release) ingredient is now available on Amazon as Regenerate, thanks to a collaborative partnership with Ideal Infusion, a company specializing in bringing elite longevity supplements to market. RiaGev is considered one of the more advanced NAD boosters available because it is clinically proven to simultaneously increase NAD, ATP and Glutathione (GSH). The sustained release format, RiaGev-SR, is the first-ever use of wax matrix sustained release technology in the healthy aging category. This format mimics food digestion by releasing nutrients in a slow and steady manner. 

Clasado Expands Global Reach with Distribution Deal

Clasado Biosciences has announced a new distribution agreement with Phytonet AG, a prominent international supplier of functional ingredients and raw materials for the health and nutrition market. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Clasado's mission to broaden the availability of BimunoGOS, both in powder and syrup formats, across 14 countries. Under terms of the new partnership, Phytonet will be the distributor of the multi award-winning Bimuno GOS in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey and Japan. 

Whole Mama Yoga Reveals Yoga Practices for Expecting Mothers

In their new book, Whole Mama Yoga, authors Alexandra DeSiato and Lauren Sacks cover all phases and stages of becoming and being a mother or birth parent, offering a way to extend yoga’s gifts and tools for all who parent. On their inspiration for the book, Sacks says, “We are both fierce advocates for increased empowerment during pregnancy, in labor and throughout parenthood. Yoga offers a deeply intuitive way to connect to the wisdom inherent in our own body and experience. That powerful connection is what we hope to share through the sequences, philosophy and stories in Whole Mama Yoga."

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