Levagen+ PEA Now for Topicals and Cosmeceuticals

Gencor’s palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) has succeeded in the beauty category for its ability to aid in a healthy inflammatory response and protect from oxidative stress-induced damage, the company says. Gencor has developed a dispersible version of PEA, branded Levagen+, powered by Pharamako Biotechnologies LipiSperse delivery technology. Brands like LYMA Skincare have included Levagen+ in their skincare line to improve elasticity, reduce redness, protect against oxidative stress-induced damage, and help slow the skin’s immunological dysregulation through the skin’s Extracellular Matrix (ECM). “We refer to Levagen+ as the body’s natural defense system,” said R.V. Venkatesh, Co-founder, Gencor. “PEA is a powerful ingredient that can be applied in several health categories from beauty to sports nutrition. We are excited and humbled that cosmetic brands are utilizing Levagen+ for its ability to aid in a healthy inflammatory response, protect from oxidative stress and improve skin appearance.”

Gnosis by Lesaffre Sponsors Ph.D. Program for Vitamin K2

Gnosis by Lesaffre will be sponsoring an Industrial Ph.D. program at Maastricht University focusing on the role of Vitamin K2 in cardiovascular health. The four-year program was awarded to Rudolf Bittner, who will be under the supervision of Vitamin K2 researcher Prof. Leon Schurgers, as well as Olav Gåserød, Ph.D., Product Development and Research and Development Manager with Gnosis, who will supervise plant and production activities. Dr. Gåserød has worked for 25 years in industrial research and product development within biomaterials, formulation, and actives, often in collaboration with academia and CROs. Dr. Gåserød previously co-supervised master and Ph.D. students in industrial projects.

Sempera Organics Launches Fungi Podcast

Sempera Organics announced the launch of “No Fungi, No Future” podcast series, available on Spotify and iTunes. The podcast will cover a variety of subjects all with fungi as the nucleus. Topics will span cultural references, history of use, new studies and current science, myth-busting, food and beverage uses, trends in consumer health habits and more. “No Fungi, No Future” explores the world of fungi and mycelium and their impact on our lives and the planet. It will be in both short and long formats. 

Arla Foods Ingredients Achieves Non-GMO Project Certification 

Native milk protein MicelPure has become the first Arla Foods Ingredients product to be certified by the Non-GMO Project. Certified products are permitted to carry the Butterfly label. This provides consumers with the assurance of third-party assessment for compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard, which incorporates stringent provisions for testing, traceability and segregation. MicelPure is a micellar casein isolate. Containing 86% native protein and naturally high in calcium, it is for sports nutrition and other healthy food applications. It is produced from Danish milk by gentle membrane filtration technology to ensure the protein remains in its natural form with minimal denaturation.

GoodSAM Marks Mid-Year Success

GoodSAM Foods announced that it achieved a strong first half of 2023 with a record-breaking first and second quarter. This year, the brand expanded its retail reach into retailers like Sprouts, and earned multiple industry awards including the Anthem Awards, Inc. 200 and Mindful Awards. GoodSAM continued its upward trajectory by exceeding fundraising goals and sales for the first half of 2023, the company reporting. After earning certification as a B Corporation in late 2022, the GoodSAM team focused on continuing to grow its retail presence, innovating new products and expanding key partnerships.

SkinBac Postbiotics Deliver Cell Benefits

Probiotical SpA has appointed Stauber Performance Ingredients, Inc., as the North American distributor of SkinBac. Stauber now offers this innovative skin postbiotic for inclusion in cosmetic and personal care formulations. SkinBac ushers in a novel and systematic approach to postbiotic innovation, according to the brand. Clinical studies (female and male adult subjects) explored the protective effects of SkinBac Care (a three-strain postbiotic consortium) on skin barrier function and integrity after application of a strong surfactant (sodium lauryl sulfate AKA “SLS”). SkinBac Beauty (a two-strain consortium) was also assessed for its efficacy in relation to objective measures of skin hydration, elasticity, extensibility, and smoothness. No adverse reactions were noted in any of the studies.

WIN Honored with Efforts on Behalf of Industry Award

Women In Nutraceuticals (WIN) has been recognized for contributions to the nutraceuticals industry with the NBJ award for Efforts on Behalf of Industry in 2022. WIN Board Chair Karen Todd accepted the award on behalf of the organization. “It’s been gratifying to see how enthusiastically the nutraceuticals industry has signed on to WIN’s gender parity mission,” Todd said. “With this recognition coming on the heels of our recent benchmark study results and reports from respected business strategy publications identifying opportunities that gender parity would bring for industry growth, it’s clear that nutraceutical industry leaders see this wisdom.”

Kyowa Hakko’s IMMUSE Postbiotic Wins Industry Award

Kyowa Hakko USA’s IMMUSE postbiotic for immune health is the inaugural winner of the Ingredient of the Year: Microbiome Modulation category in NutraIngredients-USA's annual awards. IMMUSE is a clinically researched Lactococcus lactis strain Plasma (LC-Plasma) that uniquely activates the immune system and plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDCs) to support healthy days, the company reports. Thirty published studies, including 15 human trials, support IMMUSE’s novel mechanism of action.

Clasado & 3C Group Bring Bimuno GOS to Thailand Health Market

Clasado Biosciences announced a new distribution agreement with Cosmic Concord Corp. Ltd., a nutraceutical distributor and manufacturer in Thailand. This strategic partnership grants Cosmic Concord Corp. Ltd. exclusive distribution rights for Bimuno GOS and its direct to consumer (D2C) product, Bimuno Original, in the Thailand market. This marks a significant step in expanding the presence of this prebiotic ingredient in the rapidly emerging APAC health and nutrition sector, the company said. 3C Group has completed the product registration of Bimuno GOS in Thailand for both its powder and syrup formats with Bimuno Original to follow shortly. 

Fi Global Events Return Worldwide for 2023

Informa Markets announced the return of its complete Fi Global event calendar. In 2023, the full complement of Fi events around the world, from flagship event Fi Europe to regional editions in Asia, Africa and the Americas, will be back in full force. This global portfolio will give food & beverage professionals around the world an in-person industry platform for sourcing, networking and learning opportunities. Fi South America, Fi India, Fi Asia Thailand and Fi North America follow in quick succession during August, September, and October, providing targeted industry forums. The finale is Fi Europe, which returns to Frankfurt at the end of November, continuing a 35-year tradition. 

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