Gnosis Announces a New Era of MenaQ7 K2

Gnosis by Lesaffre announced the new identity for its scientifically backed Vitamin K2 as MK-7: MenaQ7. As a brand, MenaQ7 has remained relatively unchanged for the past 14 years, staying focused on validated benefits for bone health in children and adults and cardiovascular health in adults. Gnosis acquired MenaQ7 in 2021, and recognized the growing potential of vitamin K2 for more areas of health. And now, the company says, is the perfect time to introduce the new MenaQ7 Natural Vitamin K2 as MK-7, featuring a new logo that includes a “magnifying glass” component, which speaks to "the curious spirit of discovery, and that quality and science must be meticulously sought." 

“The foundation of clinical evidence using MenaQ7 is what built the Vitamin K2 category and shaped our understanding of this important nutrient as we know it today," said Marc Philouze, Gnosis by Lesaffre General Manager. "We believe the brand has signified ‘Quality Confirmed by Science,’ which is why so many of our partners include the logo on their product labels, marketing collateral, and websites. Yet research is beckoning the continuation of that pioneering spirit, and more work must be done to confirm Vitamin K2’s expanding role in supporting other areas of health. To that end, we have decided to introduce a new logo and brand identity for this new journey.”

Other new elements are the logo’s colors and tagline, emphasizing Gnosis’s dedication to natural processes that leave minimal environmental impact. And where MenaQ7 has long been “Vitamin K2 as MK-7,” the MenaQ7 logo tagline is now “Natural Vitamin K2 as MK-7.”  (See the old and new logo below.)

MenaQ7 new logo.png

NutriLeads, Quadra Ingredients enter agreement on BeniCaros

NutriLeads BV signed an exclusive agreement with Quadra Ingredients to represent BeniCaros in the U.S. and Canada. BeniCaros is an upcycled, soluble carrot fiber with prebiotic properties for immune support. Peer-reviewed research demonstrated that BeniCaros prepares immune cells for accelerated responses and selectively increases beneficial gut microorganisms and their metabolites that support immune health.

Nutriventia branded ingredients Clean Label Project Certified

Nutriventia Limited announces that two of its key branded ingredients, TurmXTRA and Prolanza, have received certification from the Clean Label Project, a national non-profit focused on bringing truth and transparency to food and consumer product safety in America. TurmXTRA has recently been lauded for its highly bioavailable turmeric at a low dosage, and a recent study revealed benefits for TurmXTRA in DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Similarly, Prolanza ashwagandha has been clinically substantiated to help provide all-day healthy stress response at a single low dose. Nutriventia's commitment to transparency and quality checks throughout their supply chain helped them achieve this certification. According to Nutriventia co-founders Vishal Shah and Rajah Shah, the Clean Label Project is one of the strictest quality control certifiers in the food and supplement manufacturing industry.

ADM, Brightseed partner "to lead in state-of-the-art discovery on the microbiome"

ADM and Brightseed, the bioactives company, announced a global joint partnership to develop evidence-based functional synbiotic products that target microbiome optimization. As outlined in a press release, ADM is leveraging Brightseed’s artificial intelligence (A.I.) platform, Forager, "to decipher the molecular interactions between dietary plants and gut microbes, and their potential impact on human health." Sofia Elizondo, Brightseed’s co-founder and COO, commented, "Brightseed and ADM share the conviction that precision health outcomes for consumers should be driving category innovation,” said . “ADM's advanced understanding of the untapped potential of natural compounds, combined with their vast microbial libraries, is the sum total expertise that will redefine the future of ingredients to promote a healthy microbiome.”

HP Ingredients announces GRAS for Bergamonte 

HP Ingredients (HPI) announced that its Bergamonte bergamot has been self-affirmed GRAS. This was achieved through the presentation of scientific literature, detailing the multiple benefits of the bergamot fruit, its unique flavonoids and polyphenols, and pre-clinical and clinical studies showing cardiovascular and cardiometabolic support benefits. HPI CEO Annie Eng said: “We have been able to prove its safety and its efficacy for the claims on the ingredient, and now with self-affirmed GRAS status, our brand partners and their consumers can enjoy knowing that Bergamonte is, without a doubt, safe for consumption. Obtaining self-affirmed GRAS for Bergamonte was years in the making.”

Arla Foods highlights consumer focus on protein quality; launches new brand

Almost 70% of consumers are focused on the sources of protein in food and beverages, with naturality and nutritional value major motivations, according to Health Focus International: Top 10 Trends, 2023. To meet the demand, Arla Foods Ingredients is launching a new brand for its line of microparticulated whey proteins. Nutrilac ProteinBoost, offers a range of benefits that meet the needs of manufacturers as well as health-conscious consumers, the company says. The ingredients in the range are rich in all nine essential amino acids, and represent a complete protein source. The company says they are easy to add to food and beverage products, and provide indulgent texture and mild dairy taste.

Anderson Advanced Ingredients' 'FiberSmart' achieves GRAS status 

Anderson Advanced Ingredients received a “letter of no objection” from the FDA for its resistant dextrin from tapioca branded as FiberSMART. The “letter of no objection” confirms that the FDA does not have questions regarding the conclusion that FiberSMART is Generally Recognized as Safe. FiberSMART is a prebiotic fiber that is 20% as sweet as sugar. It is low glycemic, but functions more like a sugar. The GRAS status confirms that FiberSMART is safe for use at maximum levels ranging from 1.2 to 10 g per in a range of products. These include: baked goods, non-alcoholic beverages, cereals and granola bars, condiments and dressings, confections, dairy products, frozen desserts, gravies and sauces, meal replacements, pasta and grain products, prepared meals and soups, processed fruits, shelf-stable desserts, snacks and crackers, and nutrition bars.

ALOHA becomes Climate Neutral Certified

ALOHA is now Climate Neutral Certified. According to the company, it is first in the plant-based protein bar category to achieve this certification. ALOHA currently has 11 bar flavors, including four that come in minis. The Kona Bar is a testament to the company's commitment to sustainability and doing its part to support community and the planet. It is the world’s first commercial food use of Ponova Oil from ultra-climate resilient and regenerative Pongamia trees.

PLT Health Solutions partners with Nano Pharmaceuticals

PLT Health Solutions, Inc. announced its partnership with Nano Pharmaceuticals Labs to market its portfolio of targeted release ingredients on a global basis. The zümXR Targeted Release brand includes a range of ingredients powered by patented release technology. It enables product formulators to design precision energy profiles that enhance performance in sports nutrition, cognitive and energy, and endurance applications. According to Seth Flowerman, President & CEO of PLT Health Solutions, "Nano Pharmaceuticals Labs’ emphasis on proprietary technology and solid science make the company and its ingredients a good fit for PLT’s commercialization approach."

TopGum signs purchase agreement for PharmItBe

TopGum Industries, Ltd. will sign an agreement to purchase PharmItBe, Ltd. TopGum will use PharmItBe’s fully equipped, FDA certified laboratory to access chemical-analytical services. In addition, PharmItBe’s R&D capabilities will accelerate TopGum’s pharma-grade gummies development for a new facility. The plant, supported by a  $40 million investment, is scheduled to be operational by the end of this year.

JAMBAR Partners with UC Berkeley on Sustainability Plan

JAMBAR Organic Energy Bars announced that the company is working with The Walter A. Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, to create an actionable, long-term sustainability plan. JAMBAR was selected by the Berkeley Haas Center for Responsible Business as a semester-long consulting project for a team of MBA students.

Me & the Bees collaborates with J.B. Hunt Transport

Me & the Bees Lemonade is collaborating with transportation and logistics company J.B. Hunt Transport to maximize supply chain efficiencies. As the certified minority-owned company continues to experience high growth amid a complicated and high-cost supply chain landscape, it will now access J.B. Hunt’s capacity to provide customized, technology-driven supply chain solutions.

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