Each year, in our spotlight coverage of the WholeFoods Magazine Retailer of the Year (ROTY), we ask the honorees to share their insights and advice for achieving success. When I asked Jon Roesser, General Manager for 2020 ROTY winner Weavers Way Cooperative Association, for a nugget of wisdom, he replied, “I don’t really give advice to other retailers. I figure they probably know as much as I do or more.”

He didn’t give me the kind of headline-worthy gem that editors love. He actually gave me something better. We’re not conquering 2020 by following some canned blueprint to success. We’re managing 2020 by having each other’s backs, by sharing our experiences, by being transparent about our failures as well as our success, and by knowing that we certainly don’t know it all, but that if we engage with others and really listen, we can learn a great deal and do so much better.

Here, members of the Weavers Way team discuss lessons learned, including how 2020 offered up some important teachings on ways the co-op was falling short, and the opportunity to implement positive change.

Also in this issue, retailers across the country speak candidly about their pandemic experiences with WholeFoods Merchandising Editor Jay Jacobowitz. We thank them for taking the time and being so honest about what has worked, what has failed, and what they are forecasting for the future.

We would love to hear from you, too. Each story shared is an opportunity to help a colleague avoid a pitfall or accomplish a goal. Please email us at editor@wfcinc.com if you would like to share lessons learned in 2020—even the small stuff can be a big help. Let’s keep the conversation going.

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