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Athletic Lung Supportridgecrest

RidgeCrest Herbal’s ClearLungs Sport helps increase stamina and energy through ingredients shown by studies to increase oxygenation, reduce post-workout soreness, reduce workout-induced phlegm or cough, improve recovery time, maintain healthy heart-rate and support lungs during demanding conditions. 

ridgecrestImmune, Lung Support

ClearLungs Immune, designed to strengthen the body’s immune response and help maintain wellness during times of compromised immunity, is an ideal supplement during times of seasonal illness when exposure to pathogens is common. Take to maintain healthy immunity or after exposure to illness to slow the onset or shorten length of illness.

All-Natural Pain Reliefridgecrest

PhysiQOL contains ingredients shown to aid in pain reduction and support anti-inflammatory response to joints, muscles, digestive tract and respiratory system as well as ease headaches. PhysiQOL is an ideal supplement for those who experience soreness or other discomfort that hinders an optimal lifestyle.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine December 2015