NZMP, the ingredient-solutions brand by global dairy company Fonterra, and made-to-order probiotic company Sun Genomics (maker of Floré probiotics) are partnering on consumer studies to better understand the health benefits of probiotics.

The companies explained in a press release that by having individuals test their gut microflora, Floré can formulate a customized "precision probiotic" supplement to address individual needs. NZMP will supply Sun Genomics with clinically proven HN001 & HN019 strains to help create the personalized probiotics for consumers. The companies noted that  working together will allow for a better understanding of how these strains could target specific consumer health issues, especially with the increased concerns around immunity.

The consumer studies will include testing HN001/HN019 strains with Floré customers through a Fonterra-sponsored consumer project. The goal is to determine if there are any significant improvements in health and mental wellness, and the results will provide complementary evidence to existing clinical trials on HN001 and HN019, by providing evidence that NZMP probiotics’ benefits can also be seen outside of clinical settings and can withstand being subjected to the rigors of normal consumer lifestyles, according to the companies.

“Sun Genomics is both a customer and business partner," said Chris Ireland, US Probiotics Business Manager, Active Lifestyle, NZMP. "We chose Sun Genomics because we were impressed by their consumer-centric approach, which closely aligns with our desire to intimately understand the consume. Working with Sun Genomics to tap into their consumer base is an innovative way to directly validate our probiotics effectiveness, and build a deeper understanding of what consumers truly need. This novel approach to substantiating our strains is the perfect complement to our clinical research. These consumer studies will bridge the gap between meticulously designed scientific studies and the day-to-day realities of consumer life, allowing us to marry the strengths of consumer and clinical research when positioning our probiotics in the market. This work also opens up opportunities to explore potential new formulations together, which reflects our broader efforts in addressing health benefits across physical, mental and inside-out wellness. Our focus on probiotics reflects the expansion of our classic health & wellness portfolio through our specialty ingredients.”

Neal Gidvani, COO of Sun Genomics, added: “We chose to work with NZMP not only because of the quality of their probiotic strains, but also because of their ability to provide clinical data and their excitement to partner and explore new spaces with us. We are expecting results from some of our initial studies later this year and look forward to sharing the results with the NZMP team.”