Dr. Heather Moday

Kyowa Hakko announced that board-certified Allergist, Immunologist and Integrative and Functional Medicine Physician Heather Moday, M.D., is the company's new educational partner. In book The Immunotype Breakthrough, Dr. Moday identifies four distinct immunotypes and offers actionable steps to help balance the immune system to elevate overall health. “The immune system affects every aspect of our health yet there’s no test to see if it’s functioning as it should,” says Dr. Moday. “That’s why education is key and why I’m so grateful to work with a science-based company like Kyowa Hakko that prioritizes education.”

Karen Todd, MBA, RD, Vice President Global Brand Marketing, Kyowa Hakko USA, Inc., added, “We are so pleased to have such a knowledgeable immunity expert working with us to support our educational efforts for IMMUSE. Dr. Moday is able to explain the complexities of the immune system and the importance of immune system balance in clear and concise ways that are helpful in understanding what a postbiotic is and how an ingredient like IMMUSE can support immune system health.”

Dr. Moday will focus on educating fellow physicians and the general public on IMMUSE. This branded ingredient is a unique patented strain of Lactococcus lactis strain Plasma, which Kyowa Hakko explained is characterized as a heat-killed lactic acid bacterium (postbiotic), and that stimulates the body’s natural defenses and supports year-round health when taken regularly.

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