Landing, NJ—New data published in PLoS One suggest that a branded curcumin (BCM-95 from Dolcas Biotech, based here) may have some positive effects on cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Researchers hypothesize the nutrient sensitizes cells to chemotherapeutics so the treatment is more effective and may also have some direct effects on cancer cells.

The study tested human colorectal cancer cells that had been treated with either a common chemotherapeutic agent (5-Fluorouacil) or the drug plus curcumin. In the end, the herb induced death in cancer cells, even those that had become resistant to chemotherapy. This could be significant for patients that initially respond well to chemo, but then become resistant. Curcumin also helped kill colon cancer stem cells, including cancer cells that had the DNA mismatch repair defect.

The researchers were based at Baylor University Medical Center.


Published in WholeFoods Magazine, April 2014 (online 2/28/14)