We atWholeFoodsMagazine were gearing up to sample our way across the Expo West show floor. In light of the postponement, we... decided to do it anyway—virtually. We'll share the results of our "stroll" on this page.

This post will be continuously updated. Additions will be posted at the top of the page. Brands with news to share can email juliapeterman@wfcinc.com. 

A look at some booths with new products for your consideration:

Regular Girl launched Regular Girl Wellness, formulated with ruby red cranberry juice powder, Sunfiber prebiotic fiber, and probiotics, to address both urinary tract and digestive health. Regular Girl Wellness is Low FODMAP Certified, and certified Glyphosate Residue Free by The Detox Project. The company says that the product helps women simplify their routines by combining urinary tract and digestive health into one product.

World Centriclaunched new compostable fiber lids made from unbleached plant fiber. The hot cup lids are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. 25% of the company's profits are donated to grassroots social and environmental organizations and to offset the company's carbon emissions.

Bubbies Ice Creamlaunched their Churro Mochi Ice Cream, soft mochi dough wrapped around premium cinnamon and sugar ice cream. Bubbies never uses corn syrup or any artificial colors or flavoring; all Bubbies products are non-GMO, Certified Kosher Dairy, and Certified Gluten-Free.

Terry Naturally was going to debut a slew of new products:
  • A trio of CoQ10 formulas for health aging, including Ubiquinone, Bioactive Ubiquinol, and a Chewable version utilizing a gamma-cyclodextrin delivery system that makes it 8 times more absorbable than standard CoQ10.
  • Turmeric 50X, which delivers 1000mg of turmeric in every serving. It's made with non-GMO turmeric, grown without chemicals or harmful solvents.
  • Berberine MetX, which delivers a clinically supported dose of 500mg of berberine to support overall metabolic health, including healthy cholesterol, triglyceride , and blood sugar levels.
  • Hemp for Canines, 25mg of full-spectrum hemp in a soft, beef-flavored chewable tablet. The company says that the chewables contain "an optimal representation of cannabinoids," with safe, negligible THC levels of under 0.3%.
Snoozeis launching Snooze Regular, to help people relax enough to fall asleep gently, and Snooze Strong for those who want to sleep well and soundly. Snooze contains valerian, passionflower, linden flower extract, hops, peppermint, and lemon balm, all of which are used for relaxation and to aid sleep.

Seeds of Wellnesswas offering an early taste of their finished chia products, made with only three ingredients--one of which is chia. The products include: Chia Beverage, a whole chia seed plant-based milk; Chia Pastas, high in protein, fiber, and omega-3s; Chia Oil, high in omega-3s with an ideal ratio of omega-3 to omega-6; and Chia Softgels, available in Prenatal with DHA, Postnatal with DHA, Cardio, and Omega-3. The chia is provided by Benexia.


Maggie's Organicswas launching a Give Back Footie Display: A shipper containing 108 assorted pairs of organic, fair-trade cotton ankle socks. 10% of all sales will be donated to the Center for Biological Diversity. The display will be available in April, until 6/5/2020, while supplies last.

Saffron Roadwas looking to launch two new vegan meals: Chickpea Masala and Delhi Potatoes, both microwave-ready and free of highly processed protein isolates and "heme" processed soy proteins. They were also going to launch three new flavors in its Crunchy Chickpeas line: Toasted Coconut, Buffalo, and Salt & Pepper.

Moon Cheeseunveiled new packaging design, new names for existing varieties, and two brand new varieties of its cheese snack: Garlickin' Parmesan and Cheddar Bacon Me Crazy. Moon Cheese provides 10g protein per serving, no sugar, and less than 2g carbs per serving--and it needs no refrigeration, making it useful for on-the-go families.

Scramblerswas debuting their Omelet Bar: Made with Pete and Gerry's Free-Range Eggs, the non-refrigerated, no-heat-necessary, ready-to-eat breakfasts come in Chicken Chorizo, Ham and Cheddar, and Spinach and Feta.


RUNArevamped its beverage formulation and brand, in order to offer consumers a caffeine boost with clean, low-cal, plant-based ingredients. RUNA is made with natural ingredients, contains just 10 calories per 12oz can, and gets its caffeine from guayusa, an antioxidant and caffeine-rich leaf from Ecuador. Thanks to the polyphenols and L-theanine found in guayusa, the leaf provides energy and focus without crash or jitters. It'll be available in May 2020 nationwide.

Foodstirs Junk-Free Bakeryhas launched an Organic Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking Mix, with only 2g net carbs. It's made with almond and coconut flours, making it gluten-free, and is USDA Organic. It's also customizable: The company notes that, for instance, the butter required by the recipe can be swapped out for peanut butter.

Kokomiois launching its new line of coconut beverages—a blend of coconut water and pulp. The company says that "it's richer than water, lighter than a smoothie, and more refreshing than both." It's available in four flavors: Original, Cold Brew Coffee, Pineapple Juice, and Natural Cacao.

EggLife Foodsis launching low-carb, keto- and paleo-friendly egg white wraps. The wraps are made with egg whites from cage-free chickens raised on family farms. Each wrap is less than 30 calories and contains fewer than one gram of carbohydrates. The wraps are gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. They come in four flavors: Original Style, Italian Style, Southwest Style, and Rye Style.


Essential Formulas was looking to showcase two new products. Their Reg'Activ line was going to grow with Reg'Activ Essential ME-3, which delivers a probiotic that produces and releases glutathione directly into the intestines, bypassing the normal digestive breakdown and ensuring the availability of more glutathione to the body. Essential Formulas is also expanding their Dr. Ohhira's brand with Dr. Ohhira's Premium Collagen Plus, which provides the highest possible level of collagen concentrate for healthy, supple skin and joints, according to the company. Using only the highest quality from the purest sources, this multi-faceted supplement contains both botanical ingredients and the specific amino acids that act as the building blocks necessary for synthesizing collagen to enhance absorption for maximum effect, the company says.

The Osso Good Co.is launching their vegan soup line with slowly simmered organic vegetables and veggie broth for a delicious way to eat your veggies and load up on vitamins and minerals in a natural way. They are also launching first-ever bone broth waffles in the freezer section. Loaded with protein, collagen, and MCT oil for a nutrient dense breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
Fatso was set to debut in the US via Expo 2020; the company is currently in Whole Foods Markets in Washington and Oregon, but they're looking to expand. Fatso is an all-natural peanut butter enriched with plant based superfats including coconut oil, avocado oil, MCT oil, chia and flax--and the product is made without palm oil or sugar. Available in three flavors: Classic, Cocoa, and Crunchy Salted Caramel.
Beauty Gourmet, LLC was going to launch their Beauty Gourmet Sparkling Tea Collection, a collection of lightly flavored and lightly sweetened sparkling teas that are Ayurvedic, Adaptogenic and Antioxidant as well as low-sugar, low-calorie, and low-caffeine. With ingredients like Amla, Ashwagandha and Grapeseed Extract, the company says that the teas are designed to provide support for digestion, the liver, contracting stress, collagen synthesis and helping to prevent the cellular damage that leads to premature aging.
Poppilu has launched Poppilu Bold & Tangy Lemonade kids’ pouch beverages. On the shelves in April, the kids beverage is made with Aronia berries, an antioxidant superfruit, 7g sugar per serving, no added sugar and 100% daily value of Vitamin C. The pouches are available in three bold lemonade flavors: Original Lemon, Blueberry and Peach and will retail for $3.48- $4.59.


Wiley's Finest is going forward with their planned launch of three new plant-based formulas, expanding beyond their line of Wild Alaskan Fish Oils. The products includ Bold Heart by Cardiosmile, a natural and clinically tested pine tree sterol supplement in the form of a liquid stick pack that can be mixed with foods and liquids; and CatchFree Omega in the form of softgels and a tropical mango-flavored liquid. CatchFree Omega is a full-spectrum blend of Ahiflower seed oil and Algarithm algal DHA, along with vegan nutrients including MenaQ7 vitamin K2 and Vitashine vitamin D3.

Mushroom Wisdom was going to display their wide variety of mushroom products, and they have several 'show' deals going on: Buy 6 Super Lion's Mane and get one free Lion's Mane Amyloban; buy three Lion's Mane Amyloban and get two free Super Lion's Mane; and their Super Immunity Deal, buy two Maitake D-Fraction PRO "EZ" Spray and get one free. They're also offering 20% off a variety of other mushroom products.

Vitamin Sea was going to display their seaweed products, including their whole leaf seaweed, sea vegetable flakes, granular sea vegetables, skincare products, animal supplements, and more—like their Smoked Applewood Dulse. Noting that not all seaweed is created equal, the company harvests their products off the coast of Maine, far away from boat traffic, discharge areas, marinas, and anchorages, to best avoid toxins and pollutants.

Ripplewas going to show off their plant-based milk, which is made of pure pea protein and sunflower oil for optimal sustainability and texture. Ripple has 8g protein per serving, as well as 50% more calcium than 2% dairy milk, as well as more vitamin D and less sugar than 2% dairy milk. Ripple offers two unsweetened flavors, too, with no sugar at all.

Vita Cocolaunched two new flavors to its Pressed line: Coconut Mango and Coconut Strawberry Banana. The flavors blend coconut water with fresh pressed coconut and fruit-forward flavors. The drinks help replenish electrolytes while providing nutrients. The company notes that, while some people dislike the taste of coconut water, adding fresh pressed coconut to the drink provides the tropical coconutty taste people like.

Cali'flour Foodsjust released the newest members of their frozen entree line: cauliflower-based enchiladas in Chicken Enchilada Bake and Vegetable Enchilada Bake, and cauliflower-based lasagnas in Lasagna with Meat Sauce and Vegetable Lasagna. The products will be packaged in a new, signature blue design, along with the other 18 SKUs in the Cali'flour line, for consistent branding across the product line.

Lorissa's Kitchenlaunched their Whole-Made Medley Bars, which combine wholesome ingredients like finely-chopped jerky, dried fruits, nuts, and seeds, to create a proteinbar containing 10g of protein, ideal for the on-the-go family. The bars come in flavors including Blueberry Fusion, Pineapple Teriyaki, and more.

Planterra Foodsis making its debut in April—but showgoers were going to get a first taste of their new clean protein option, called OZO. OZO is a proprietary blend of pea and rice protein fermented by shiitake mushrooms, making it cholesterol-free, low-calorie, low-fat, and a high-quality protein. The company's line of plant-based products includes Burgers, Ground, Mexican-Seasoned Ground, and Italian-Style Meatballs. The line will expand to include foodservice and club packs, planned for later in 2020.

Manitoba Harvestwas looking to give attendees a glimpse at their Soft Baked Hemp Bars with CBD—to be available June 2020—featuring 10g of plant protein, 15mg CBD, and 7g of sugar. The bars are free of soy, grain, and gluten, and are vegan. They'll be available in Peanut Butter, Vanilla Almond, and Blueberry Lemon. They're also expanding their Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract with CBD; mid/high potency versions will be available in March 2020. Plus, fans of their Hemp Yeah! Granola can look forward to June, when they'll be launching Vanilla Almond and Maple Pecan flavors.


GT's Living Foodsplanned to celebrate its 25th anniversary with the introduction of Sacred Life, a limited-edition Kombucha that will only be available during GT's 25th anniversary year. The drink infuses fresh-pressed ginger, young coconut water, and blue spirulina, giving the liquid a vibrant blue color. The kombucha will come in a limited-edition embossed glass bottle that showcases the Flower of Life, an extension of the Lotus Flower on GT's packaging that has been their brand's symbol for over two decades.

Better Bites Bakery was going to debut new packaging—which, like so many items in this roundup, is plant-based. The company is moving out of the standard bakery PET clam shell and into a plant-based, chemical-free clam shell.

Otamot Foodswas going to debut two sauces: Organic Carrot Bolognese Sauce, a tomato-based sauce that includes nine vegetables and uses diced carrots to imitate the sauce's traditional texture, creating a sauce that the company calls "chockful of vitamins and organic vegetables that deliver delicious flavor with peak nutrition"; and a Spicy Organic Sauce launching at Whole Foods Market nationwide in June. Otamot cooks each vegetable at a precise temperature, in order to get peak flavor and nutrition into every jar of sauce.

Hippie Snacks was planning to debut four new products at the show: three flavors of their brand new Almond Crisps line and a new flavor in their existing Cauliflower Crisps line. The Almond Crisps come in Sea Salt, Rosemary, and Cheezy Chive; they're grain-free, gluten-free, plant-based, and paleo friendly, while offering 5-6g protein per serving. The latest flavor in their Cauliflower line: Cheeze Crisps, featuring plant-based cheese.

Sorbattowas looking for the opportunity to share the company's blueberry-based Blue Cream plant-based non-dairy frozen dessert. The vegan, organic, allergen-free dessert is made with 90% fruit, making it low in sugar and high in soluble fiber and antioxidants. The fruit is grown, manufactured, and sold by blueberry farmers in Yakima, WA. It comes in Blue Passion, Grape, Dark Blue, Blackberry, Lemon, and Raspberry.

Sujawas going to unveil its new line of functional beverages: Elevated Nutreints, seven chef-crafted juices designed to be packed with key vitamins, minerals, and functional ingredients, designed in collaboration with Whole Foods. The line offers benefits ranging from Energized Focus to Hydrating Beauty.

Kite Hill Blissful Coconut Milk YogurtsKite Hillwas launching a variety of products. One of their plant-based launches: Kite Hill Blissful, a line of creamy coconut milk-based yogurts in flavors including Café Macchiato, Peaches and Crème, Blueberry Limoncello, and Salted Caramel. Coconut milk makes another appearance—this time mixed with almonds—in Kite Hill's Sour Cream alternative. And almond milk was going to make a second appearance, as well, in an innovation showgoers were going to get a first look at: Kite Hill's Plant-Based Butter Alternative, which uses cultured almond milk and sunflower and coconut oils. It'll hit shelves in August 2020, in flavors including Original, With Olive Oil, and European Style.

Quornis adding Vegan Meatless Buffalo Dippers to their lineup of meat-alternatives made from mycoprotein. The product comes in a light, crispy breading made from oats, flaxseed, and quinoa, the company says. The product is a quick, easy snack, full of non-GMO, high-quality protein.


Beetnik Foodslaunched a Southern flavor-inspired refrigerated product line, which will include Organic Chicken Tortilla Soup, which will be offered in 16 oz and 32 oz tubs. The product offers 10g of protein per serving. The company calls it the "ultimate comfort food," made with organic white chicken meat, diced tomatoes, sweet corn, and poblano chile peppers.

ParmCrispswas going to give showgoers a preview of their new keto snack mix, which contains ParmCrisps, almonds, pistachios, and cashews. It will be available in flavors including Ranch and Smoky Barbecue. The flavor will be available in stores nationwide in Summer 2020.

Good Planetlaunched two new products: Plant-Based Cream Cheese, made from refined coconut oil and plant starches and free from the top eight allergens; and a plant-based frozen pizza featuring Beyond Meat, which is plant-based, kosher, halal, gluten-free, and Non-GMO Project Verified, as well as free of the top eight allergens.

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Americawas looking to share its BioPQQ supplement ingredient, intended to support cognitive health, memory, and mood. It has received New Dietary Ingredient notification from FDA, and has been certified by Informed-Choice and Informed-Sport.

Southern Recipe Small Batchis launching three new products: Pasilla Chili Cheese Pork Rinds and two pork and bean dips. Pasilla Chili Cheese Pork Rinds is debuting at Tom Thumb and Albertson's stores in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, as well as at Randall's stores in the Houston area. The dips come in Pork & Pinto Bean Dip and Pork & Black Bean Dip, and contain chopped farm-fresh vegetables and the brand's pork rinds.

Nate's Meatlesshas introduced its newest product: Swedish Meatballs, containing 7g protein and 6g fat. The product is intended to appeal to both vegetarians and flexitarians looking to lower their meat intake, the company says.

NestFreshis launching EGG POP!, cage-free hard cooked eggs skewered on a bamboo stick and packaged with either a complimentary dip or dry seasoning. The line includes Sriracha Ranch, Deviled Egg, Hot Wing, and Ranch. The product offers a convenient 11g of protein per serving.

Thinsterswas bringing their Oat Milk Cookies: vegan, gluten-free, and low-sugar cookies with a crunchy texture. The product is looking to appeal to the consumers who are driving the oat milk category upwards. It'll be available in summer 2020.

Goddess Gardenwas hoping to show off their new SPF 50 line made with clear zinc and plant-powered ingredients, offering a sunscreen that is sheer on any skin tone. It's available as a lotion or a stick in Sport, Kids, and Baby formulas. The sunscreen is reef-safe.

Vital Farmswas going to preview their Egg Bites, a line of single-serve egg muffins launching in stores August 2020. The line includes Bacon & Cheddar Cheese; Ham, Bell Peppers, Onions, & Cheddar; Roasted Red Pepper & Mozzarella; and Sun-Dried Tomato, Basil, & Mozzarella. The snacks provide 16-18g of protein per serving.


DiNoci announced the launch of four new flavors of their dairy-free, almond milk-based frozen deserts: Cherry crisp, made with whole tart cherries; Cookies and Crema, a gluten-free chocolate sandwich cookie crumbled into creamy vanilla; Vanilla Bean, made with—take a guess—flecks of real vanilla bean; and Espresso Chip, a pairing of espresso and dark chocolate chips.

Wilde Chipsis sharing the news of their Crispy Chicken Breast Chips, now with 20g of protein and less than 2g sugar per bag. The chips are made with chicken breast combined with tapioca flour and crisped in expeller pressed sunflower oil, and come in three new flavors: Chicken + Waffles, Nashville Hot, and Himalayan Pink Salt.

ChildLife was debuting two new products in their new SoftMelts line: a Multi Vitamin and a Healthy Vision supplement, which provides bilberry extract, lutein, zeaxanthin, and vitamin A. The SoftMelts are "non-gummy gummies," the company says—and they're made with 0g of sugar. Plus, kids only need to take one tablet per day to get the full dose.

Pearson Ranchwas going to showcase their high-quality, farm-raised, grassfed meatsnacks, which are preservative-, soy-, and gluten-free. The company is a fourth generation ranching family, with ranches in Missouri and New Mexico. Their products include Venison Jerky, Elk Jerky, and Buffalo jerky, to name a few.

Cocomelslaunched Single Serve Packs for their Sea Salt Coconut Milk Caramels and their Sea Salt Chocolate Covered Bites. The bags are 1.3oz, and offer a portion-controlled, on-the-go snacking opportunity—and the product is dairy-free, organic, and non-GMO, for guilt-free enjoyment.


Amplify Snack Brands, makers of SkinnyPop, Pirate's Booty, and Krave, was hoping to showcase new products from each line.SkinnyPopis getting the flavor Twist of Lime, which, the company notes, is a popular flavor in snacks, albeit underdeveloped in popcorn.Pirate's Bootyis launching Veggie & Fruit sticks, which contain half a cup of vegetables in every serving—always baked, never fried. AndKraveis launching a plant-based jerky line, in order to capitalize on the plant-based market.

Betterineis a new butter-alternative, made from pure coconut oil, water, organic soy lecithin, and arrowroot powder. The company says it behaves like butter and margarine, and can be used in any recipe without compromising taste or texture.

Bio Schwartzwas going to showcase their line of supplements—and it's a wide-ranging line: think immune health supplements including the 17-ingredient Immunity Boost; digestive supplements including Golden Milk and their Advanced Strength Prebiotic + Probiotic, containing whole food enzymes; their line of vitamins, including Nootropic Brain Boost; and Hemp Oil, containing omegas 3, 6, and 9, as well as all nine essential amino acids.

Brainiac Kids has decided that the show must go on—as the company says in a press release, “if it cannot launch its new applesause product line at Expo West, it will literally give away product to retailers hungry for innovation.” The line includes 130mg of omega-3 DHA, 30mg of Omega-3 EPA, and 120mg of choline, to best support brain health. It comes in Apple, Apple Cinnamon, and Apple Strawberry flavors. Interested buyers can contact Brainiac Kids atexpowestoffer@brainiackids.com.

Hello Products,an oral care brand that was going to showcase 15 new products in four categories: CBD oral care, CBD lip balm, tablet toothpastes, and nakedpastes. Nakedpastes are made with coconut oil, xylitol, silica, baking soda, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and activated charcoal, to do everything from whitening teeth to moisturizing the mouth—and, of course, to clean the teeth.

Lehi Millswas going to showcase its first line of just-add-water vegan mixes, including a pancake/waffle mix, brownie mix, and raspberry muffin mix. The mixes are made with the high-protein, organic wheat flour Lehi prides itself on.

Jojo’s Chocolateis launching a variety of products: New bite-size versions of their bars, an upgrade to its Peanut Butter Delight, and two new flavors, Raspberry Dream and Goes Hawaiian. They were also showcasing their full packaging rebrand. Jojo’s products contain slow-digesting plant-based protein, to keep customers fuller, longer.

Jooliesannounced the launch of Snack Packs, containing either three pitted dates or three whole dates, for an easy on-the-go whole food snack. Joolies uses organic medjool dates grown in California; the dates are low on the glycemic index and, the company says, are known for tasting like sweet caramel.

Kayco presents three kosher-certified signature brands: Mighty Sesame, Beetology, and Wonder Melon. Mighty Sesame encompasses Squeeze and Serve Tahini and TahiniBars, made from roasted sesame seeds and a touch of salt. Beetology is a line of five varieties of craft beverages made with beet and other superfoods, all cold-pressed. Wonder Melon is made from 100% organic cold-pressed watermelon juice with no sugar, artificial ingredients, or artificial colorings. It comes in Watermelon Cucumber Basil and Watermelon Lemon Cayenne.

The Republic of Teawas debuting several new health-focused tea blends. Highlights: Clean Beauty Tea, containing sea buckthorn berry and aloe vera, along with a blend of collagen-promoting herbs to aid in skin hydration and wellness; Vietnamese Cinnamon Tea, which the company says is delicious both hot and iced; and four SuperDigest Teas, intended to support healthy digestion and gut health, with each tea bag containing 1 billion CFUs of probiotics.

Smashmallowwas moving forward with their mission to provide healthy snacks for all with the launch of Smashgummy, in Fresh Picked and Pucker Up flavors. The gummies are made with organic cane sugar and other natural ingredients. Smashgummies are made without corn syrup, sugar alcohols, carrageenan, or allergens.

Vive Organic is set to expand its line of organic functional shots with Electro Restore and Energy + Focus. Electro Restore, according to the company, contains more combined electrolytes than the leading sports drink; it combines cold-pressed apple and lemon juice with organic ginseng, blue spirulina, pink himalyan sea salt, and ginger root. Energy + Focus contains green tea, ashwagandha, lion’s mane mushroom, ginseng, and cold-pressed lemon and blueberry juices. All Vive Organic shots are 100% certified organic, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and Kosher.

Wild Foodswas going to showcase their line of "obsessively sourced real food"—in the form of cocoa butter, MCT oil, and their Wild 8 Mushroom Complex. Their Wild Cocoa Butter comes from small family farms in Peru that use environmentally friendly growing methods; their Wild MCT Oils come from 100% sustainable, organic coconuts, but will not solidify at room temperature or impart a coconut flavor; and their Wild Foods 8 Mushroom Complex contains a "comprehensive blend of the most well-researched mushrooms" to support a healthy stress response and immune system and to promote stamina and vitality.

Wissotzky Teais looking to offer show visitors a break with their new Artisan Spiced and Nana teas, including Nana Mint, made with a cultivar of mint found only in the Mediterranean region. The company's teas are non-GMO, gluten-free, and kosher.