Company Description

Founded in 1970, Lily of the Desert is a family-owned vertically integrated grower, processor and manufacturer of leading aloe vera-based products. As the largest certified organic grower and processor of aloe vera, Lily of the Desert branded products are successfully marketed into over 50 countries across the globe. Lily of the Desert products have been distributed throughout natural products and health food stores since the business began. The company has been known throughout the years to set a high standard in the industry for quality aloe vera products. The Lily of the Desert brand of aloe vera products is the leader of the category in the natural products industry with over 50% of the total United States market share (based on SPINS data). The company’s aloe vera farms, laboratories and processing plant are located in the Texas Rio Grande Valley citrus region and in the desert area of Mexico along the Tropic of Cancer. Additional processing facilities are located in Carrollton, Texas and corporate headquarters are located in Denton, Texas.

Lily of the Desert is fully, vertically integrated owning the aloe vera farms and manufacturing facilities, ensuring product quality throughout the process to the end consumer. Through extensive research and science, Lily of the Desert developed a proprietary delivery system called AloesorbTM, which enhances product efficacy and consumer benefits. Through independent “Gold Standard” laboratory and university clinical studies, AloesorbTM has been clinically proven to enhance the bioavailability of vitamins and minerals over 2000%, increase antioxidant support by over 40%, enhance the immune system over 16% by increasing white blood cell counts, and provide over an 11% decrease in ammonias and nitrates in the bloodstream. AloesorbTM can now be found in all Lily of the Desert products to enhance the efficacy of each formulation. Consumers can rest assured they receive the best aloe vera products from Lily of the Desert.

Key Markets Served


• Independent and Chain Natural Health Food Stores

• Conventional Mass Market accounts with Natural Product Sets/Sections

• International Distribution in over 50 countries

Product Categories

• Dietary Supplements

• Condition-Specific Products

• Personal Care Products

• First Aid/Topicals

• Dietary Supplement Capsules

• Ready-to-Drink/Functional Beverages

Major Products/Service Offerings

Aloe Vera Juices/Gels

Lily of the Desert offers traditional Aloe Vera juices and gels in a variety of sizes. The signature product in this line is the USDA Certified Organic Preservative-Free aloe vera juice. These products offer overall digestive health support, immune support, antioxidant support, enhanced metabolism and balanced pH levels of the stomach.

Condition-Specific Products

Lily of the Desert offers condition-specific products that are specifically formulated with aloe vera and proprietary herbal blends to support healthy digestion and detoxification.

Personal Care Products

The Aloe 80 Organics product line by Lily of the Desert is a full aloe vera-based regimen of body, hair and skin care.

First Aid/Topicals

Lily of the Desert offers three sizes of aloe vera gel products that contain 99% aloe vera. These products are particularly effective for soothing sunburn relief, skin irritation and cuts. There are also two aloe vera-based SPF sunscreen products.

Encapsulated Dietary Supplements

Lily of the Desert now offers encapsulated dietary supplements, most notably Gluc-AloeTM, which is clinically proven to reduce the Glycemic Index of meals and assist in healthy blood sugar management.

Ready to Drink/Functional Beverages

Lily of the Desert now offers ready-to-drink beverages in its functionALOE product line. These great-tasting functional beverages provide numerous health benefits packed into healthy, aloe vera-based formulations.

What’s New?

Lily of the Desert continues to be on the leading edge of science and technology in the aloe vera category. Through extensive science and research, we have developed outstanding products that are unique to the aloe vera category and will continue to search for new avenues in which to provide consumers with great products. We have launched three new products in 2010, and will be launching more in 2011.

Lily of the Desert
1887 Geesling Rd.
Denton, TX 76208
Tel.: (800)229-5459
Fax: (940)566-9915
Year Founded: 1970

Key Personnel:
Don Lovelace, Owner/CEO
Jack Brown, Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Dillon Lovelace, Sales & Marketing
Cara Ketron, Customer Service
Glyn Halford, CFO

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, November 2010