Company DescriptionFounded in 1971, Lily of the Desert is privately owned and operated by the Lovelace Family headquartered in Denton, Texas. Lily’s mission and motto has always been and will remain, “Retaining the Quality that Nature Created.” In 1991, LODC became the largest U.S. grower and processor of Aloe Vera products in the natural products industry. By 2001, LODC products could be found in 99% of natural product stores and major grocery chains across the U.S., creating a strong and loyal brand following.

In 2016, LODC expanded its market by introducing a Nutrition Division to the world-wide marketplace.  Through our continued relationships and increasing resources and capabilities, we have become a major player with life-style products that include cold brewed coffee, vitamin powders and functional beverages, among many other products and types of delivery systems.

Key Market Areas• Supplement Category, Functional Beverage, Powder & Liquid Vitamins

Major Products/Service Offerings• EcoDrink Naturals: A convenient and great tasting Multivitamin beverage which comes in four different flavors. Made with natural ingredients, and sweetened with Stevia, it includes 28 essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. • Lifestix Vitamin D3: Contains 2,000 IU’s of Vitamin D3 in a small powdered stick pack that’s poured right onto your tongue (like a ‘pixie stick’) and tastes amazing! • Emerald Balance:  The ultimate Whole Body superfood in a 10 oz canister provides you with the antioxidant power of both fruits and vegetables! This mix is packed with 42 superfoods, probiotics and vitamins & minerals, and tastes great! Search our website for other products available, at

What’s New?Brand New Line Extension and Division for Lily of the Desert. Lily Nutrition has just launched a new multivitamin drink the whole family can use! This naturally sweetened product is known as EcoDrink Naturals. This product comes in four amazingly delicious flavors (Berry, Peach/Mango, Strawberry/Lemonade and Fruit Punch) and is available in a 12 and 24 count stick pack refill. There is also a promotional Variety Pack, which includes 12 Berry Sticks, 12 Peach/Mango Sticks, and a 100% BPA Free water bottle included inside the box. EcoDrink Naturals has 28 essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients and made with natural flavors, sweeteners (Stevia) and ingredients. You won’t believe how amazing this product tastes!

Lily of the Desert Nutrition1887 Geesling Road, Denton, TX 76208 Telephone: (940)566-9914 Fax: (940)566-9915 E-mail: Web site: Year Founded: 2016

Key Personnel:Jeff Eliason, Division VP – Sales & Marketing Sheryl Russum, Order Entry Manager/Sales Support JoAnn Baker, Master Broker – Sunflower Natural Sales

Published in WholeFoods Magazine July 2017