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Endo Omega Vegan is the first omega supplement physician-formulated to support the endocannabinoid system (ECS) with the essential building blocks needed to produce omega-based endocannabinoids on demand. Winner of the 2019 Nexty Award for Best New Supplement, Endo Omega Vegan provides consumers with nutritionally precise ratios of omega-3-rich algal oil required by the body to produce internal endocannabinoids – the most powerful activators of the ECS and essential for whole-body wellness. Unlike other omega products, Endo Omega Vegan exclusively supports endocannabinoid production, increases cannabinoid receptor site sensitivity for greater activation and enhances enzyme production for comprehensive endocannabinoid health support. Additionally, MCT oil is added for metabolism and cognitive support, along with GLA-rich anti-inflammatory hemp seed oil. It’s emulsified for enhanced absorption and bioavailability, is sugar-free, keto and paleo friendly and available in a delicious café mocha flavor – making it the perfect addition to your morning coffee!

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