Vista, CA—For the eighth year in a row, Dr. Bronner's philanthropy program has supported efforts to put an end to exploitation and suffering of animals used for food. From 2013 through 2021, Dr. Bronner's has donated over $3.5 million to organizations that align with their efforts to expose and reduce the suffering of animals used for food, while advocating for healthier and more sustainable food systems.

This year, the COP26 climate summit called for action with regards to dismantling industrialized confined animal feeding operation (CAFO) meat production, such as factory farming. A press release from Dr. Bronner's notes that the industrialized agricultural system in question is a leading contributor of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as cruel to animals.

Dr. Bronner's has used its Animal Advocacy Program to impact a broad range of topics in the field of animal rights. Through this program, it has supported efforts to increase accessibility of plant-based foods and to reduce meat via institutional dining initiatives, public education, and market development; it has supported intersectional advocacy like the Pride Month Vegan Challenge (VINE Sanctuary) and the Dairy Free Future Campaign (Afro Vegan Society); and it has supported former CAFO animal farmers as they transition to farming high-value plant crops. Further, Dr. Bronner's advocates for regenerative organic local farming of both plants and animals, which can sequester carbon in soil, reduce transportation-related emissions, and empower small-scale food-producing communities with greater land sovereignty and distribution models that prioritize feeding people over profits.

This year Dr. Bronner's has donated over $545,000 to organizations and initiatives that fall under the categories of National Changemakers, International Allies, and Movement Builders. The recipients:

National Changemakers:Animal OutlookCompassion in World Farming USAEncompass Farm ForwardGood Food InstituteHumane Society of the United States Plant Based Foods AssociationSea Shepherd Conservation SocietyVINE Sanctuary  International Allies: Animal Equality MexicoAnimal Justice CanadaCompassion in World Farming UKSea Shepherd Global  Movement Builders:Afro Vegan SocietyBlack Vegans RockBlack VegfestLa Raza for LiberationEarth Species ProjectFactory Farming Awareness CoalitionProject FANGFarmed Animal FundersOur Hen HousePoplar Spring Animal SanctuaryReducetarian FoundationSistah Vegan Project SUPERMARKTThe Transfarmation ProjectVegan OutreachWomxn Funders in Animal RightsYouth Empowered Action Camp

The above list of grantees work to reduce the suffering and exploitation of non-human animals via a range of strategies, including:

  • Engaging in advocacy and education on animal rights, veganism, and plant-based eating;
  • Expanding the markets for alternatives to factory farm products;
  • Pursuing legislative changes to ban the worst practices on factory farms;
  • Working with major corporations on policies to eliminate or reduce the use of factory farm products;
  • Conducting undercover investigations that generate mainstream media coverage to expose the public to the worst abuses occurring on factory farms;
  • Operating animal sanctuaries that provide safe haven for victims of animal abuse and educational opportunities for the public.
“Factory farming of animals and attendant destruction of ecosystems to grow their feed is one of the most avoidable human causes of ecosystem collapse and climate change,” said David Bronner, Cosmic Engagement Officer (CEO) of Dr. Bronner’s, in the press release. “Eating an organic, plant-based diet is the single most impactful choice a person can make to stop their contribution to the mass suffering of factory farm animals while reducing their carbon footprint. Our animal advocacy seeks to better protect all life on Earth while helping avert climate related catastrophe.”