Gardena, CA—Innovet Pet released aThanksgiving-themed blogfor keeping pets safe during the holidays, according to a press release. The blog focuses on six Thanksgiving foods that can be particularly dangerous for dogs to ingest: turkey bones, raisins & grapes, chocolate, stuffing, pork, and certain nuts.

Innovet notes that if dogs eat one of these foods, they may show signs of food poisoning, which include diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, irregular heartbeat, seizures, odd behavior, and loss of appetite. If pet owners suspect food poisoning, they should bring their dogs to a vet or call ASPCA Poison Control at (888)426-4435. The sooner pet owners act, the better.

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Innovet Co-Founder Dave Louvet said in the release: “It’s important to keep a closer eye on pets during the holiday, but that can be difficult with all the chaos. So make sure everyone in the house is doing their part to keep them safe. If your dog is given a bone, make sure they are being monitored with it, and immediately take it away if you see blood on the bone or their gums. As well, if you can catch that your dog ate something toxic before symptoms show, you may be able to self-induce vomiting before any damage occurs.”

Consider promoting dog chews like rawhide or bones during the holidays, so that pets can have their own special treat while your customers are eating holiday dinners—that may prevent the urge to give dogs an unhealthy treat, while distracting dogs from the Thanksgiving abundance.