Chicago, IL-- MatrixSciences and TraceGains have partnered to offer integrated solutions that combine TraceGains' cloud-based compliance, quality, and new product development software withMatrixSciences' food safety advisory services, laboratory testing, and data analytics. According to a press release, the combined strengths of Matrix Sciences and TraceGains will give joint customers an advantage in the marketplace.

"We're thrilled to combine the unparalleled data analytics and advisory services of Matrix Sciences with the power of TraceGains Network to speed up information exchange and provide deep insight to customers," MatrixSciences CEO Robert Wiebe said in the release. "Matrix Sciences and TraceGains will offer risk-mitigating advisory services using TraceGains software, as well as complete on-site consulting and crisis-management programs."

TraceGains CEO Gary Nowacki added, "Software can solve a lot of problems, but food, beverage, and CPG companies need experts with regulatory and scientific technical knowledge to develop new products and oversee safe manufacturing and distribution practices.Matrix Sciences' technical expertise complements what TraceGains technology can do. Through this agreement with Matrix Sciences, we'll be able to provide customers integrated supply chain monitoring, evaluating, and testing services."

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The two companies will work together to build an API to link TraceGains software solutions withMatrixSciences data analytics platform, according to the release. The API will be available to customers in November 2019.