Boca Raton, FL—Twinlab Consolidated Holdings, Inc., will host a bi-monthly video podcast titled “The Science of CBD” to clear up confusion on the benefits and effectiveness of CBD, according to a press release.

Anthony Zolezzi, CEO of Twinlab, said in the  release, “We want to equip consumers with science-based facts on phytocannabinoids and hemp so they know how to use CBD effectively. We believe natural products will revolutionize health care and CBD products will be responsible for the biggest expansion the natural products industry has experienced in recent years, and want to ensure than consumers are informed to make smart decisions when it comes to dosing, frequency, cost, and usage.”

“The Science of CBD” will be hosted by Gene Bruno, MS, MHS, professor of Nutraceutical Sciences at Huntington University, and director of formulation at Twinlab. In each episode, Bruno will cover topics critical to the understanding and proper use of hemp, CBD, and phytocannabinoids, while dispelling myths related to CBD and its uses. The podcast, Twinlab says, will cover topics such as the legality of hemp, research-based dosages and indications, and the latest scientific literature relating to CBD and phytocannabinoids.