Silk is launching a new “Oat Yeah” line of oatmilks, according toTrendhunter.

The line includes The Plain One, The Vanilla One, and The Chocolate One, each of which, according to Trendhunter, Silk advertises as a great product to consume on its own, stir into coffee, or enjoy by the spoonful.

Silk joins a growing list of brands selling oatmilk.Veg News reportedearlier this month that HP Hood, 170-year-old maker of dairy items, intended to debut an oatmilk line—Planet Oat—on December 17. Halsa Foods launched their Oatgurt earlier this year, according to apress release. The New York Times reported in October that Quaker Oats plans to bring Quaker Oat Beverage to the market in January.

Oatmilk is so popular that Oatly, a Swedish brand moving into the U.S., answers the question “Why is there an oatmilk shortage and what are you doing about it?”in their FAQby saying: “To put it simply, we didn’t expect our oatmilk to get so popular, so fast.” After moving to the U.S., their website says, “It soon became apparent that we needed to expand our team and our production capacity in pretty massive ways to keep up with the growing oatmilk demand. “They are currently building a U.S. oatmilk facility, hoping that it will help them expand production by 800%.

Fast Companyreportedin November that sales of oatmilk were up 425% in coffee shops year-over-year, and that oat milk has a smaller carbon footprint than dairy and takes less water to produce than almond milk. Between that and the fact that it's vegan, this might be the milk of choice for many of your customers—if the oatmilk shortage doesn’t block them out.