Washington, D.C.-- There’s some movement in the trade war with China, although it might not be lasting.

China has made an initial offer on trade, according toCNN, which President Trump said addressed 142 negotiating points. However, it mostly reiterated previous suggestions, and fell short of some of the White House’s core demands, including technology transfers and intellectual property theft.

Putting it in context, CNN reports that the U.S. had demanded that the Chinese make a clear offer before negotiations could begin, whereas Beijing had sought to talk first. An official offer gave the U.S. government what they were looking for, without compromising Beijing’s desire to negotiate first.

Reutersreports that it is unlikely that there will be a trade deal this month, although Trump and Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping will be meeting at a summit in Argentina.

Reuters reporter Jeff Mason suggests that whether or not Trump goes ahead with the tariff increases in January—from 10% to 25%—will have an effect on China’s willingness to negotiate.