Beloit, WI—A new study published in theJournal of Dietary Supplementsshows that the use of Wellmune, a baker's yeast beta-glucan ingredient intended to support the immune system, is a promising strategy for reducing the severity and impact of upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) symptoms associated with intense exercise stress.

Thestudy, by Eunice Mahet al.,was titled “Beverage Containing Dispersible Yeast B-Glucan Decreases Cold/Flu Symptomatic Days After Intense Exercise: A Randomized Controlled Trial.” It “examined the effect of dairy-based beverages containing 250mg of dispersible baker’s yeast b-glucan compared to a macronutrient- and calorie-matched control” on URTI in marathon runners. The participants were healthy adults running in the 2017 Austin Marathon. 132 of them consumed b-glucan while 225 of them were part of the control group. For 45 days prior to, the day of, and 45 days after the marathon, they drank their assigned beverage and completed a daily online survey assessing compliance, training status, and URTI symptoms.

The results found that duration and number of URTI episodes were not significantly different between groups. However, those who used Wellmune reported significantly fewer URTI symptomatic days, significantly lower severity, and significantly fewer missed post-marathon workout days due to URTI.

Donald Cox, director of R&D for Wellmune at Kerry, said “The encouraging results of this new study provide us a greater understanding of Wellmune’s ability to help strengthen the immune system when consuming the ingredient through a beverage product.”

According to Wellmune’s press release, Wellmune is the only yeast beta glucan ingredient supported by more than a dozen published, peer-reviewed clinical studies.

Wellmune is a supplement ingredient shown in clinical trials to help strengthen the immune system. It is patented, Kosher, Halal, non-allergenic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and organic compliant. It has GRAS status in the US.