Secaucus, NJ—Skincare consumers are more likely to value a natural appearance than smooth texture or youthful appearance, according to research from Lycored. The new report, titled “The Inner Light,” investigated what the concept of a “healthy glow” means to consumers.

The company surveyed over 500 regular users of skincare products in six different countries, according to a press release on the topic, who were presented with a list of eight possible skincare goals and asked to choose the five most important to them.

“Natural appearance” was important to 77% of consumers, followed by “smooth texture” (76%), “youthful appearance” (64%), "even complexion" (61%), and "reduced redness" (37%).
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Other findings include:
  • 47% of respondents associated “overall/holistic wellness” with the idea of a healthy glow
  • 97% agreed with the statement “good mental and emotional wellness is a necessary component to achieve a healthy glow”
  • 64% said a glow is most likely to come from a combination of both internal and external factors
Zev Ziegler, Head of Global Brand and Marketing (Health) at Lycored, said in the release: “This research provides valuable insight into what consumers ultimately want when they buy a product for their skin. Glow is increasingly sought after by skincare consumers, but it’s a difficult quality to define. This research shows that consumers understand it in very holistic terms, and as something that can only be achieved through the right balance of ‘external’ and ‘from-within’ factors. It also has implications for manufacturers sourcing ingredients, because a customer who is focused on achieving a natural appearance is also likely to expect products to contain natural ingredients.”