Washington, D.C.—The Biden administration has released aBuild Back Better Framework,intended to “create millions of good-paying jobs, enable more Americans to join and remain in the labor force, spur long-term growth, reduce price pressures and set the United States on course to meet its clean energy ambitions.”

This, according to a press release, includes investments in child care and children’s education; in affordable, high-quality care for older Americans and people with disabilities; in clean energy and combating climate change; to address extreme weather and legacy pollution; in extending Affordable Care Act premium tax credits through 2025; in affordable housing; in education beyond high school; and in improving the immigration system. It will also repeal the Trump administration Rebate Rule, which would have increased seniors’ drug premiums.

The press release states that this will not raise taxes on small business or anyone making less than $400,000 per year; rather, it will be paid for by expecting large businesses to pay taxes, and by having the highest-income Americans pay their fair share. The Framework will invest in IRS enforcement to make this possible.

The Organic Trade Association (OTA) responded to a framework that the association says “centers climate change action, clean energy, and equity.” Laura Batcha, OTA CEO and Executive Director, stated: “As the threat of climate disaster grows more dire by the day, all eyes have turned to Glasgow’s COP26 for answers, but the work has to start here first. The organic sector stands ready to lead this effort by planting the seeds for a more sustainable future right here at home.

“Organic has always stood at the vanguard of sustainability. Today, our sector leads global efforts toward more sustainable farming, greener building, and less extractive economies. By eliminating the use of chemical inputs like synthetic nitrogen fertilizers, organic sets the standard for climate-smart agriculture. Organic farms emit 18 percent less overall greenhouse gasses (GHG) than other agricultural systems and organic soil sequesters 26% more carbon than non-organic. We applaud the Administration’s efforts to dramatically reduce our nation’s GHG emissions, bolster rural economies, and to encourage sustainable farming and production practices in this framework.

“The Administration's Build Back Better framework would set the United States up for success at COP26, positioning our nation as a standard bearer of sustainability and conscientious policy making. By starting this work in our own backyard, we can enter the COP26 negotiations in good faith, knowing that we are doing everything possible to stem the global climate crisis. OTA encourages Congress to take swift action on these critical proposals, and we look forward to continuing to helping the organic community advance climate-smart practices at home and abroad.”

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