This month, we analyzed the What’s Selling data from January, February and March to see the sales trends for the first quarter of 2014.

No surprises in the beverages category: coconut water and kombucha popped up in nearly every region of the country, but matcha and yerba mate tea were also fairly popular. People are still reaching for that apple cider vinegar (due to its myriad of health benefits, no doubt). Gluten-free breads and pastas are just as prevalent as ever on our What’s Selling lists, and Paleo-friendly foods are starting to become more common in customers’ shopping carts.

Supplements like probiotics and curcumin were on shoppers’ minds all over the country, while multi-vitamins flew off the shelves to help keep them healthy through cold and flu season.

When it comes to skin care, winter is definitely the season to stock up. Anti-aging and –wrinkle creams were on the top of the charts, as well as moisturizers to combat the dry, chilly air. All varieties of essential oils and soaps were also big HABA sellers this quarter.

Look for Up and Coming products like wheat grass powders and juices, as well as all-natural candies to satisfy healthy consumers with a sweet tooth.

Regional favorites included protein bars and powders in the Northeast, while the West was particularly fond of kombucha drinks. The Northwest couldn’t get enough of coconut products, including coconut candies. People quenched their thirst in the Midwest with multiple kinds of natural soft drinks. Southeast customers shed excess holiday pounds with weight-management supplements like Garcinia cambogia, while supplements and HABA products for flawless, tight skin were all the rage in the Southwest.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, March 2014