Chicago, IL—Experts believe promotional posts should comprise only 20% or less of a business’s social media content. What about the remaining 80%? To help create informative, balanced content for natural products retailers, The Shelton Group (a public relations firm, based here) is now offering a social media service called The Organic Social Club.

According to Suzanne Shelton, president of The Shelton Group, “Simply posting sales pitches in a news feed is the fastest way to lose your audience, but posting interesting and engaging information that inspires followers to interact creates consumer loyalty.”

Shelton believes that successful brands are already using this strategy for sharing online content in their social media campaigns, and The Organic Social Club can “help retailers build the same robust social media programs as the large brands, but in a way that fits the time and budget constraints many stores face when running a social media program.”

Content editors will comb the Internet to identify content of interest to natural shoppers (such as healthy recipes, videos, photos, articles and more), and The Organic Social Club subscribers will receive an e-mail with the selections that can be added to their Facebook or Twitter pages with one click. Various levels of membership and other promotional plans are offered. Additional information is available at


Published in WholeFoods Magazine, September 2013 (online 7/24/13)