In lieu of sending 2012 holiday cards, Natracare of Greeley, CO created an Advent Calendar whereby the company gave a gift everyday from December 1st to 25th to Oxfam Unwrapped. Gifts were selected for those in poorer countries.

The Natural Products Association (NPA) of Washington, D.C. expanded its social media outreach by launching Pinterest ( and Google+ pages ( The pages will be used to update the community on NPA news, events, certification programs and advocacy actions.

NeoCell Corporation bought a new building for its global company headquarters in Irvine, CA. Its current building in Santa Ana, CA will be used for sales, marketing and product development in the future.

CAW Industries, Inc. (maker of Willard Water and Dr. Willard’s products), based in Rapid City, SD, recently sponsored a study about the antioxidant capacity of Willard Water CLEAR and cell uptake of certain nutrients following consumption. The study, conducted by NIS Labs in Klamath Falls, OR, found the product significantly increased the absorption rates of five antioxidants: gallic acid, green tea, turmeric, tocotrienol and trolox. These compounds often are difficult to absorb. Researchers also found that Willard Water CLEAR facilitated the absorption of antioxidants, especially for difficult-to-absorb solutions. Stated the company, “The tests also determined that Willard Water is not behaving as an independent free radical scavenger as was previously believed but, rather, it’s causing the cells to better absorb and utilize antioxidant solutions thus increasing those solutions’ overall effectiveness.” The report is available at

The planned merger of Oregon Tilth of Corvallis, OR and CCOF of Santa Cruz, CA has been suspended as of October 2012. The proposal to go through with this merger failed at a membership meeting.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, January 2013