Ixoreal Biomed’s award-winning KSM-66 is the highest-concentration, full-spectrum, and highly bio-available root extract of ashwagandha—an adaptogenic botanical.* KSM-66 was developed over 14+ years of R&D and has been on the market for just over 9 years, but it is already in more than 1,000 products, from major supplement companies. It is the best-selling ashwagandha root extract on the world market today. With 24 research studies and clinical trials, made only from ashwagandha roots, carrying 40 quality certifications, KSM-66 has been clinically proven to help:
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and improve quality of sleep*
  • Enhance memory and cognition*
  • Increase immunity, endurance, and strength*
  • Improve sexual function health in both men and women, and testosterone in men*
We are widely recognized to be the ashwagandha experts, and ashwagandha is the only thing we do.

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