Persimonal from Longevity by Nature is an advanced botanical extract of persimmon leaves (Diospyros kakiThumb), a strong source of antioxidants that has been prescribed in traditional Asian medicine for centuries.*

Persimonal is rich in flavonoids (Quercetin, Kaempferol & Rutin) known to support cardiovascular health and loaded with other polyphenols, tannins, organic acids and vitamins that research has shown can significantly reduce oxidative stress that can damage DNA, cells and tissues.*

Oxidative stress can occur when too many free radicals are present in the body. These molecules, which have one or more unpaired electrons, are a byproduct of cellular respiration or result from environmental exposure to pollutants. Persimonal antioxidants can prevent oxidative stress by sharing their own electrons, which act as a natural “off” switch, with free radicals*.

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