Chicago, IL—Gelnex, producer of gelatin and collagen, announced in a press release the construction of two new facilities aimed at greater operational internalization of the group. Gelnex now has seven factories, a production capacity of over 100,000,000 lbs/year, and a global sales presence in over 50 countries.

One of the new facilities is in Paraguay, located near raw material sources. This facility will produce material from grass-fed, pasture-raised South American cattle hides. The other facility will be in Portage, Indiana, where Gelnex will hydrolyze South American material into collagen. This is Gelnex’s first U.S. facility, and the company hopes to use it to better serve the North American market.
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The release notes that collagen peptides offer benefits consumers prefer: high protein, no fat, no added ingredients, and sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows.