Elk Grove Village, IL--Label Insightannounced today that it has signed an expanded deal withTopco Associates LLCto provide their 49 member-owners with customized attributes they can use to power e-commerce, improved searches and in-store initiatives.

According to the press release, the custom views solution allows Topco members and their store shoppers to search and filter products using customized product attributes. One example, as per the press release, involves identifying products that carry animal welfare and wildlife conscious designations, and using them to create a "humanely sourced" attribute that can be used across the entire database.

"The attribute customization offering is truly ground-breaking in that it enables Topco members to more effectively guide shoppers to the products they want in the store and online," said president and CEO of ‎Topco, Randy Skoda, in the press release. "Not only does the platform offer thousands of standard attributes, the data within it can be leveraged to customize attributes so Topco members can differentiate in their markets and provide information that is important to their shoppers."

Label Insight, according to the press release, powers Topco products' SmartLabel pages, which inform Topco stakeholders about all Topco-procured products.