Valley Cottage, NY—Phosphatidylserine market sales are likely to exceed 311 thousand metric tons by the end of 2019, according to a report by FMI titled “Phosphatidylserine Market: Incorporation of Functional Ingredients in Mental Health Supplements to Drive Utilization: Global Industry Analysis 2013-2017 and Opportunity Assessment 2018-2028.”

A press release regarding the report says that phosphatidylserine supplements have been proven useful in fighting age-related cognitive decline. The release quotes the report: “Since a large portion of the global population is affected by cognitive impairment, clamor for natural products that can aid in enhancing cognitive functionalities is gaining momentum. Compared to other available products, phosphatidylserine has been witnessing high demand as an ideal solution for brain health, driven by clinically-proven long-term benefits.”

Consumers will continue to prefer conventional phosphatidylserine, the release says, with global sales estimated to exceed 279 thousand metric tons in 2019. Affordable prices, particularly compared to organic variants, remain one among the chief aspects drawing in consumers. However, the press release notes, preference for organic phosphatidyl serine is likely to intensify, thanks to consumer leanings towards organic.

Plant-based supplements will be in high demand, as health concerns associated with animal-derived phosphatidylserine continue to dent consumer confidence. And, according to the release, consumers will continue to buy phosphatidylserine-rich foods and beverages, boosting the adoption of phosphatidylserine in food grade form over the forecast period.

The report can be purchasedhere.