Bradenton, FL—HP Ingredients (HPI) has launched a private label program allowing retailers to sell their own line of herbal supplements using their own logos, driving and building brand recognition, according to a press release.

The ingredients available from HPI for private label include ParActin®, an extract ofAndrographis paniculate; Bergamonte®, an extract of Citrus bergamot; LJ100®, an extract of Tongkat ali; and MaquiCare®, an extract of maqui berry.

HPI will create FDA-compliant labels, send approved marketing support materials, and ship the finished product ready for retailers. Buying into the private label program also supports Vitamin Angels, the release notes. HPI provides multiple avenues of quality assurance and transparency.

CEO and founder of HPI, Annie Eng, says in the release: “Have you ever felt annoyance that you educate customers about a particular ingredient or product, and then they go online and buy it from a major brand or competitor, thus cutting you out of the sale? At HPI, we guide you to meet your business goals, sales, profits, and customer satisfaction. We also provide you with common denominators of sustainability and inclusivity. After all, putting people and the planet up there with profits is what you do every day!”

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