Austin, TX—Afrigetics Botanicals adopted bulbine through the American Botanical Council’s (ABC)Adopt-an-Herbresearch and education program,according to a press release.

The adoption supports ABC’sHerbMedPro database, ensuring that the research and educational resource remains up-to-date.

The press release says that bulbine is a perennial evergreen. Traditional medical uses resemble those of aloe: treating wounds, burns, rashes, itches, and ringroworm. In an animal study, male rats given an extract of bulbine stem exhibited increased testosterone levels. Studies are minimal, however, and human clinical trials are sorely needed.

Afrigetics Botanicals’ mission is to commercialize African medicinal plants, according to the release. Steve Hurt, CEO and sales director of Afrigetics, noted that more than 3,000 medicinal plant species are used in southern Africa, but only a limited number of those are used in the United States.

Stefan Gafner, Ph.D., ABC’s chief science officer, said in the release, “We are grateful to Afrigetics Botanicals for its adoption ofBulbine natalensis. The adoption allows us to make the science behindB. natalensiseasily accessible.”