Carol Stream, IL—Prinova announced the launch of itsnew website, which the company said aims to enhance the way ingredients are purchased in the U.S. Part of a complete global site launch, the company said the regional experience in the U.S. and Canada features access to live pricing, regulatory documents, and extensive data on more than 400 ingredients.

“Prinova’s growth over the last 40 years has always been tied to how we can best serve the evolving needs of our customers,” said Don Thorp, President of Prinova, in a press release. “Purchasing and R&D professionals today want more information, choices and control when it comes to their digital experience with suppliers. The new e-commerce site delivers on this by providing our customers all the things they might expect from a retail-level shopping experience—pricing, sourcing transparency, and extensive product data.”

According to the release, the new e-commerce platform serves as a strong indicator that the online shopping experience developed over the last 20 years in other industries is finding its way into B-2-B ingredient distribution. Users in North America will have access to delivered pricing that will be calculated in real time, along with a personalized dashboard that will provide updates on shipping and logistics. Prinova reported that the site also allows customers to search ingredients by key criteria like application and health benefits, request quotes and samples, track orders, access critical market insights and discover recommended and related product features.
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