Beverly Hills, CA —GT’s Kombucha, winner of aWholeFoods MagazineNatural Choice Award, has released its newest limited-edition flavor for the summer: Unity. The blend features notes of tart cherry, sweet coconut, and lemongrass and comes in a collectible bottle with a label portraying two hands — each representing different cultures — clasped  together as a symbol of strength in solidarity.

“Our world has become so divisive and people are longing for unification,” said GT’s founder,GT's UnityGT Dave. He aims to do this by bringing kombucha lovers together with a fresh beverage and fresh beats. Each collectible bottle has a code that can be scanned using the camera in Spotify’s search bar. Once the code is scanned, Unity’s playlist features more than 30 tracks of summertime jams from up-and-coming artists. “Music is such a powerful force that brings people together, from all walks of life, all around the world,” said GT Dave.

The brand is also asking its supporters to post pictures on social media of any flavor GT’s Living Foods offers using hashtag #GTsUnity for the chance to win a VIP music festival experience.

Unity will be available for purchase through August. Retailers still have time to order.