New York, NY — BeyondBrands is expanding with the addition of three new partners. Ashley Koff, RD, Mark Doskow and Billy Lullo are the newest members of the agency. These professionals will bring in a high level of knowledge in nutritional science and market, hospitality management focused on vegetarian lifestyles and sales and distribution respectively.

“We began this experiment with a close group of mission-aligned friends who shared a passion for helping entrepreneurs and established brands accomplish their dreams,” said Eric Schnell, co-visionary of BeyondBrands. “Exactly 18 months later, we have helped nearly two dozen companies and have attracted the best and brightest partners to our agency, with many new exciting opportunities coming in every day.”

Ashley Koff, RD, is joining BeyondBrands as the Chief Nutrition Officer and as a shareholder. Koff has created a reputation as an award- winning nutrition expert, author, speaker, spokesperson and practicing dietician. Appearing frequently on television shows such as ABC & DC, the Dr. Oz Show and co-hosting the podcast “Take Out with Ashley & Robin”, Koff shares her expertise with the public and has also created The Better Nutrition Membership assisting in the current nutrition assessments of individuals looking to improve their health and lifestyles.

“I have known Eric and Marci (Zaroff, co-visionary) for a long time and have been impressed with their commitment to, and achievements within, the natural products industry,” said Koff. “As I followed BeyondBrands and the work that’s being done to support better and healthier living, then collaborated on a key project which I will be aligning with for the long-term, I knew I had to be a part of such an important movement.”

Mark Doskow will be in the position of Director of Project Management for BeyondBrands. Doskow was formerly the Hospitality Brand and Operations Director at California-based Matthew Kenney Cuisine restaurants, featuring plant-based cuisine. In addition to opening three new restaurants during his tenure, Doskow also directed a staff of 140 workers. Before this, he had established himself as an executive and independent plant-based product consultant for New York-based Candle Café.

Billy Lullo has past experience as the VP Sales at Steaz, which was founded in 2002, and as National Sales Director for Prana BioVegan. Lullo will step into the role of Senior Sales Advisor to use his expertise to provide guidance regarding sales and distribution. Prior to his VP role at Steaz, Lullo was also in senior positions at Dogswell, EnRay/TruRoots and Greenwave Foods.

“It’s a treat for me to reunite with Eric and other former colleagues on such an ambitious and important endeavor like BeyondBrands,” said Lullo. “As consumers needs and tastes change, whether in food, beverage, fashion or plant-based medicine, those with experience in these areas have an obligation to help the next generation of conscious entrepreneurs build strong businesses. BeyondBrands plays an important role in our industry and, more importantly, the world.”