Asheville, NC– Not long after Earth Fare announced its newLive Longer with Earth Farecampaign, the company has now taken the next step towards making healthy food more affordable and accessible with the removal of GMO ingredients from over 500 private brand items on its shelves now. In addition, Earth Fare will remain committed to its new non-GMO initiative in regards to hundreds of more items that will be launched over the next six months time. Two years of development and research went into the ability of Earth Fare to provide its customers with delicious and affordable health foods.

“We’re here to make healthy food accessible to everyone, everywhere, and our non-GMO announcement is the next step to strengthening our commitment,” said Frank Scorpiniti, Earth Fare’s president and CEO. “From the onset, our merchant team has benchmarked every product against industry-leading products to ensure delicious, healthy food at an incredible value. Our shoppers asked for more non-GMO options, so we updated our entire Earth Fare brand food line to meet their needs.”

Earth Fare’sLive Longer with Earth Farehelps its consumers live a healthier lifestyle by giving them the ability to choose the healthiest and cleanest options found in any supermarket in the US at an affordable price. Hundreds of harmful ingredients and chemicals are banned from Earth Fare’s shelves thanks to itsFood Philosophyprogram and the company challenges competitor supermarkets to adopt the same standards.

“Our Earth Fare brand products allow us the unique opportunity to control our food products from raw ingredient sourcing to the store shelf,” said Justin Jackson, Earth Fare’s chief merchandising officer. “Customers want to be educated and informed, and this meticulous tracking of what is in our food and how it is sourced not only provides a confidence level in our products, but also leads to cost savings that we pass on directly to our customers.”

The Food Philosophy is composed of forbidden ingredients found on the company Boot List. Some of the restrictions that encompass the Earth FareBoot Listinclude artificial colors, fats, trans-fats, preservatives, sweeteners, growth hormones and administered antibiotics. When possible, Earth Fare attempts to get produce and other items from local companies.