Asheville, NC— With news from the National Center for Health Statistics stating that in 2015 the life expectancy for Americans was in decline for the first time in two decades, Earth Fare has decided to take steps to help Americans get healthier.  Earth Fare is announcing a store expansion, has created a retooled loyalty program and is also offering exclusive brands to assist consumers in getting back on the right track to longer living.

The “Live Longer with Earth Fare” campaign promotes the cleanest and healthiest foods, which can be found, first and foremost, at Earth Fare. Earth Fare’sFood Philosophyis among the strictest in America and forbids products that could contain hundreds of harmful chemicals and ingredients from being sold in their stores.

Earth Fare was one of the first companies to advocate Clean Food and has been in business since 1975. The company is dedicated to providing its customers with the healthiest and cleanest products available. Along with Earth Fare’sFood Philosophy, which pledges that the food they offer is free of added hormones, antibiotics, artificial preservatives, colors and flavors, just to name a few is the company’sBoot List, which consists of the chemicals they do not allow in the foods, supplements and body care products they sell.

“If the Food Philosophy and Boot List are our constitution, then our more than 2,800 Earth Fare Team Members comprise our enforcement agency, constantly monitoring and filtering ingredients to ensure customers find only the cleanest foods in our stores,” said Frank Scorpiniti, Earth Fare’s President and CEO in a press statement. “We believe, and science supports us, that the better you eat the healthier, happier and longer life you can live. Today we are dedicating ourselves to shouting louder as advocates for healthy food and the power it has on our health and our lives.”

With health concerns on the rise and clean and healthy living becoming more popular, Earth Fare’s commitment to providing 100% Clean Food is even more important than ever. The company advertises in a recent television commercial that the products offered at Earth Fare are so healthy due their strict standards that anyone could shop there while blindfolded and still choose a clean option.

“Our Boot List represents the highest level of commitment to offer the cleanest selection of food for our customers,” said Justin Jackson, Earth Fare’s Chief Merchandising Officer in a press statement. “Our entire team takes great pride in reading the labels so you don’t have to, because at the end of the day it’s about much more than selling groceries – it’s about living longer and making it easier to do so.”

Earth Fare’s new program and initiative to make America healthy includes the launch of a new web site, a loyalty program called Healthy Rewards that will enhance customer experience, will offer dozens of new and exclusive private brand items. Earth Fare is even going so far as to share the details of its Boot List with its competitors to prove their commitment to making Americans healthier and happier.