New York, NY— The Northeast’s leading produce processor and distributor, Baldor Specialty Foods, has used its food waste initiate known as SparCs (scraps spelled backwards) to divert 100 percent of the Fresh Cuts operation organic waste from reaching landfills and has instead developed new ways to utilize organic food waste.

The priority for Baldor Specialty Foods was to make the organic food waste available for human consumption foremost. Towards this end, partners of the SparCs program such as Washington D.C.’s MISFIT Juicery, make juices out of unsellable and blemished produce. Another partner, Haven’s Kitchen, a café and cooking school based in Manhattan, has developed menus based on SparCs  such as cookies, sauces and soups.

Produce that isn’t fit for human consumption is being routed to several partners, including Brick Farms in Hopewell, New Jersey, who will repurpose it into animal feed.

An on-site waste-to-water system will process any leftover material that cannot be consumed by humans or animals.

“We pride ourselves on being innovators and trail blazers in all facets of specialty food distribution,” said Baldor’s CEO, TJ Murphy in a press release. “SparCs is just the next logical manifestation of that commitment, and we’re happy to present this sustainability model for others in the industry to adopt.”