Bloomingdale, IL– To ensure the identity and purity of key probiotic products, NOW Foods, a family-owned business that supplies and markets vitamins, herbs, cosmetics and natural foods, has installed theDupont RiboPrinter System, which uses “DNA-fingerprinting technology to identify specific strains of bacteria as well as unknown microorganisms.”

Although DNA use in verifying probiotic strains is a newer application of the technology, Rick Sharpee, Ph.D., director of science and nutrition for NOW, states in a news release, “Each specific strain is verified on our RiboPrinter against a database of documented strains to assure safety and efficacy. NOW’s microbial testing capabilities have always been among the best in class, but this takes us to a new level.”

NOW will be the first dietary supplement brand to have the Dupont RiboPrinter System in house.

A “Strain Verified” logo will also now appear on bottles to show that the probiotic has been verified.

Posted on WholeFoods Magazine Online, 9/21/2016