Nashville, NC—On March 24, 2021, Netflix Released "Seaspiracy", a documentary investigating the harm that humans do to marine species. In response to viewing the doc, Douglas Hines, Chairman of Atlantic Natural Foods which produces a seafood alternative, TUNO, released a statement about the state of the fishing industry.

Hines draws from 40 years of experience in the seafood industry. "Watching 'Seaspiracy' was a timely reminder, not just for our world governments and legislative bodies, but for us as individuals, about the impact that our day to day lives and mindless consumption of animal protein can have on our oceans and human life," he said. "Over the decades, oceans have been abused by rampant fishing practices, misrepresentation of vessel catches, trash piles in the high seas, harmful bycatches, plastic pollution, human trafficking and, on occasion, corruption."

Hines warns that the demand for protein rich food sources is only going to increase, and it's our responsibility to do help reverse what negative impacts we've already made. Particularly, he says, the cause should be driven by world governments who can implement legislature, enact reform and manage climate change.

"On an industry and individual level there is so much we can do," Hines said. "Collectively, we would have an enormous impact on protecting the future of our oceans. Making conscious choices to switch out our protein sources from animal to plant-based could help save thousands of fish a year from being killed in our oceans."
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